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  1. Hi everyone, My brother is selling his 54 plate Focus Edge and I said I'd drop the link on here to give him a hand. Link is: http://www.gumtree.com/p/ford/for-sale-ford-focus-edge-54-plate-petrol-1.8/1121441337 It's a lovely car (I say that genuinely) and I half wish I could buy it but sadly not. If anyone is interested, contact details are on the advert. The car is currently in the centre of Preston. Thanks Mike
  2. Happy Birthday ZetecMike!

  3. Hey guys. I didn't wanna start another thread when this is basically what we are looking for. I've read all the above but wondered whether you could cast your eye over this link: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201405094056790/sort/atcustom/postcode/s366be/radius/20/make/FORD/model/focus/price-from/500/price-to/2000/page/1/usedcars It's for my brother who's looking for a decent car for a few years. This is a good price and says 36k genuine on the clock but in a way, it seems too good to be true. Can you offer any advice? On the car or even on the garage if you've bought off them. Cheers, Mike
  4. Hi guys, This is not so much a "new member" introduction as a "hello again". I've not posted for a while after an accident left my 56 plate Zetec leaking oil (and parts) at the side of the road, eventually being written off As a stop gap, I bought an Astra (I'm sorry, I know it's wrong). Never ever again, what an awful car it was. Uncomfy, noisy, useless, slowly breaking and did not make me at all happy. After 2 months, I couldn't abide it and I bought what is my 3rd Focus (see below). Happy times have resumed :D It's a 57 plate Zetec Climate and is new enough to have the Sony stereo whilst still being a Mk2. As usual, I have plenty of ideas for stuff to do to it (not all sanctioned by her indoors) but I'm ambitious if anything. Keep an eye out, I'll post as many of the changes as I can on here so you can comment - and judge me - hopefully you will all like. So excited to be back, Mike p.s. I left a pic of my new friend below
  5. Hi everyone, I'm trying to find out how big my fuel tank is and have rifled all through Google and the handbook with no luck. I've got a Mk2 Focus (1.8 TDCI if that makes a difference) and want to know out of interest. I shifted from a Mk1 Focus a while ago and I'm trying to see how much bigger (or smaller) the tank is for fuel economy purposes. Anyone know? Mike
  6. Hi everyone, Thought I'd pop a note on here and Hi to all the other users. Just discovered this site through a manual I found on Google and realised how much I was missing. I'm in a 56 plate Zetec TDCi (it's on a private plate as well) and have a few ideas for mods to it. Nothing major but I'm a novice to it so any tips are more than welcome. I'm based not far from Sheffield so anyone in and around there, feel free to drop me a line. Mike