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  1. Mk3 diesel filter

    I have been putting it off tbh it was Last done 30,000 miles ago at the Ford dealer, I'll be starting this first thing on a morning to give me plenty of time
  2. Mk3 diesel filter

    The time has come for me to have a crack at changing the diesel filter on my 2014 mk3 1.6tdci, I've been reading up on the procedure and it looks simple enough(I've heard these engines can be a nightmare to get started after a filter change) so I have decided to invest in a priming hand pump. (would 10mm be ok? I've been looking at filers to order and eurocarparts list it as a filter insert But when I've been looking on eBay I have come across ones with a full housing on them. Here's a pic of my engine, if someone could point me In the right direction that would be brill :)
  3. Sat Navy card type

    Thanks for the speedy reply :)
  4. Sat Navy card type

    Hey there, Sorry I'm sort of confused on what type of sat-nav map card I need to update my cars maps. My mk3 2014 focus came with this card that I've attached, Am I right in thinking I need a new F type card? Thanks
  5. Focccus guide required

    Did you ever get chance to write a guide? Thanks
  6. Mk3 rear seatbelt guide?

    Haha simple when you've mentioned it. Thanks
  7. Mk3 rear seatbelt guide?

    Just wondering if anyone know how these things work. Are they some sort of guide for the seatbelt?. Don't know if I'm just being daft or is there a purpose for them Thanks
  8. Mk3 focus centre console rubber

    Good idea, might have a look at that if I can't find the part, I've been looking on ebay at rubber grommets sets to see if something like that might fit
  9. I've had my mk3 focus for a few months now and since day one the arm rest has been annoying me, it feels loose and after a bit of looking around I've noticed the little round rubber cushion are missing. Does anyone know the part number or an equivalent I could use? I've attached a picture of what's missing from my arm rest, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. difference between a 2000 focus and a 2003

    I was going to say about 3 years
  11. Focus 2014 Titanium - Cold Weather, poor heating

    Is your car fitted with a Kysor radiator shutter? Could it be stuck open
  12. MK3.5 Power Wing Mirror Issue

    Yes definitely gonna have to do the same to mine they sound terrible like they are struggling and I doubt freezing weather is going to help them. Are they easy enough to open up I haven't really had the time to have a proper look,is it just a case of popping the cover off and the mechanism is exposed? Thanks
  13. MK3.5 Power Wing Mirror Issue

    While you guys are on the topic of power fold mirrors I'm just curious do you ever grease the folding parts of the mirror. I've just bought a mk3 with power fold mirrors and they sound like they are struggling to open and close ,thinking of giving them a blast of spray grease
  14. 2014 Focus oil leak

    Just had a quick Google image search of this engine and it does look like this is how it leaves the factory
  15. 2014 Focus oil leak

    Yes my thoughts exactly, the car is an x-fleet car and has a full ford history but I can't say for sure if that tatty pipe hasn't been replaced, it is an original ford pipe because it has the FOMOCO logo stamped on it and some sort of aligning white marker paint on the pipe and the cable tie. Hopefully more users with this engine could confirm?