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  • Ford Model Focus mk2.5 1.6 Zetec
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  1. Flying Focus Wow very lucky!
  2. I'm sure this model suffered from leaky washer jets, check the spark plug well isn't full of water.
  3. Blueprint Pads

    Thanks, I'll stick with these pads for a while they have stopped squeaking, and they stop the car well only thing that is bugging me is the amount of break dust they kick off
  4. Blueprint Pads

    Just had the pads out of my focus to give it a good clean up as I was having some loud brake squeel, any way they were both bone dry ,don't think they had ever seen any copper slip I've just googled the numbers on the back of the pads and its come up as blueprint pads has anyone had any experience with blueprint pads , I was going to just change the pads for new (heard good things about mintex) but these that are in are only 2000 miles old so seems a waste.
  5. "twang" Like Noise After Pulling Off Mk2.5

    Glad you mentioned this my 2008 1.6 petrol is the same I was going to book it in for looking at as I still have some warranty left, is this a ford thing because I've never noticed it on any other cars I've owned.
  6. 1.6 Fuel Filter And Plugs

    Thanks for the pic, Mine doesn't have the round bits so I guess my engine is just the standard 1.6 so I guess my fuel filter is built in to the sender unit, one less thing to do at service time :) thanks again for the info
  7. 1.6 Fuel Filter And Plugs

    Thanks for the reply, I have fitted the FordI'm plugs today and the car felt instantly better I think the plugs that were in it were the original one's they had brown staining on the white part of the plug, How can I tell if I have the ti-vct engine? Thanks
  8. 1.6 Fuel Filter And Plugs

    Hi I called in at polar ford today for some plugs and a fuel filter for my 1.6 petrol focus they found the plugs for me on the system (FoMoCo AYFS22CB) straight away but he said there wasn't a serviceable fuel filter available for my car as it was a Valencia built focus but there was a black canister at the front of the fuel tank (sorry can't remember what he called it) that could be changed this he said it was £47 has any one else come across this? But if I put my reg on say eurocarparts website it brings up a few different fuel filters for my car. Also do people recommend sticking with the Ford plus or would a Bosch/NGK type be any better. Thanks
  9. Spray Paint On Bulbs

    Thank you for the quick replies, I suspected that might have been the case that its had a touch up in it's life. Under the car looks sound so hopefully it's just had a scratch repaired and nothing major Thanks again for your replies
  10. Spray Paint On Bulbs

    I've had my focus for about a month now and I noticed there was a build up of condensation in the rear fog light unit when I've taken the bulb out I've noticed the bulb was covered in blue spray paint (Avalon blue) so I had a quick look at the reverse and that was the same. Does this mean my car has had some sort repair/spray job or would it leave the factory like this? The car doesn't look like it's had any spray around the rear bumper but the bulb holders also have spray paint on them is this the norm? Thanks
  11. Strange Corrosion, 58' Ford Focus

    Well after seeing how much silt had gotten in to my inner wing i have deciced to take the plunge and have got my self a set of these ; These were the cheapest genuine ford mud flaps i could find (polar ford were wanting £70) also this video is great for any one who is wanting to fit the genuine flaps
  12. Strange Corrosion, 58' Ford Focus

    My 2008 mk2.5 focus also has paint chipped in the same place as yours,think I'll be investing in some mud flaps also after seeing a thread on this forum I thought I'd clean behind the inner wing here is what I got can't be good all that wet silt on the inner sil also the foam sound proofing was soaking wet had to ring it out.