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  1. Haha simple when you've mentioned it. Thanks
  2. Just wondering if anyone know how these things work. Are they some sort of guide for the seatbelt?. Don't know if I'm just being daft or is there a purpose for them Thanks
  3. Good idea, might have a look at that if I can't find the part, I've been looking on ebay at rubber grommets sets to see if something like that might fit
  4. I've had my mk3 focus for a few months now and since day one the arm rest has been annoying me, it feels loose and after a bit of looking around I've noticed the little round rubber cushion are missing. Does anyone know the part number or an equivalent I could use? I've attached a picture of what's missing from my arm rest, any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I was going to say about 3 years
  6. Is your car fitted with a Kysor radiator shutter? Could it be stuck open
  7. Yes definitely gonna have to do the same to mine they sound terrible like they are struggling and I doubt freezing weather is going to help them. Are they easy enough to open up I haven't really had the time to have a proper look,is it just a case of popping the cover off and the mechanism is exposed? Thanks
  8. While you guys are on the topic of power fold mirrors I'm just curious do you ever grease the folding parts of the mirror. I've just bought a mk3 with power fold mirrors and they sound like they are struggling to open and close ,thinking of giving them a blast of spray grease
  9. Just had a quick Google image search of this engine and it does look like this is how it leaves the factory
  10. Yes my thoughts exactly, the car is an x-fleet car and has a full ford history but I can't say for sure if that tatty pipe hasn't been replaced, it is an original ford pipe because it has the FOMOCO logo stamped on it and some sort of aligning white marker paint on the pipe and the cable tie. Hopefully more users with this engine could confirm?
  11. Thanks for the reply
  12. So I've just purchased a 14 plate Mk3 Focus 1.6 TDCI which I got for a fantastic price, I've just had it in to a main ford dealer for a service and they have picked up on an oil leak from around the throttle body housing (which they say is covered by the manufacturers warranty) and it's booked in for this repairing next week. Here are a few pictures of the leak, just wondering if anyone with this engine has has had this ? Also I've noticed this pipe which is in between the air box and turbo , it's held on with cable ties and it looks a bit tatty which makes me think it's been off before. Is anyone elses the same? Thanks guys
  13. Does the car have drum brakes? If so mine does it in the winter time when it's left wet and not used for a few days. A few more revs than normal and they make like a pop sound, it's just them sticking
  14. Mine is the same it really annoys me I think every other car I've owned when you lower the window it clears the rain from the glass but guess the focus likes to be different
  15. Know this a really old topic but did anyone try the op method. Did it cure the problem of rain water going all over when opening the boot? Thanks