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  1. High Reving

    hi oh ok thanks
  2. High Reving

    hi all got a 03 fiesta duratec 1.4 when i start car from cold it seems to idle just over 1000rpm then it slowly comes down to just under 1000rpm should it do that has it got an auto choke that is playing up any help would be great thank you
  3. New Clutch

    so is that expensive they are saying 6 hours to do it is it a dual mass fly wheel on them and they said bottom sub fram got to be taken off
  4. New Clutch

    hello new here just passed my test and got a fiesta 1.4 petrol 03 ok not the best car but hey its mine and the clutch as gone bang today garage said it would be £430 to put new one in i no the garage and trust them but the price seems high for a clutch or is that about right think they charge 40 hr. many thanks
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums cremator :)