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  1. Basic issue: When the engine is cold the car will start fine, but will then immediately cuts out. It restarts on the button. Occasionally when sitting at traffic lights/junctions it will cut out for no reason. Occasionally it will 'hunt' at idle and feel as though it is going to stall before settling down again. These issues are intermittent. Full story: My sister had to call out the RAC this morning as she was having some trouble with her 2009 1.6 Petrol Focus. When she started the car it cut out almost instantly, but re-started just fine. Not thinking much of it she drove on and when she got to the first set of traffic lights and dipped the clutch it cut out again. She says the engine management light came on, but I'm guessing it would if the engine stopped whilst the ignition was on anyway. The idle also seemed to raise and lower quite a bit as though it was going to stall. All these symptoms seemed to go away once the engine was warm. The next obvious step was to contact the RAC. So the RAC came to her place of work, plugged in a diagnostics machine and found a historic 'key' fault logged in the ECU from some time ago, but not recent apparently. He offered to follow her home to get her spare key 'just in case' the key was causing the car to cut out although he hadn't seen it in all 50 years he'd been a mechanic, she declined as she didn't believe a key would cause an idle problem and decided to ring me instead. Unfortunately by the time she'd rang me the RAC guy had left. I believe he left too soon - I'm not even sure he looked under the bonnet for anything obvious and to be honest and should have done a more thorough inspection of the vehicle to assess the 'real' problem not what he saw on the diagnostics machine. So I thought I'd come here to ask for advice as I'm not actually able to see the vehicle, she's a bit worried about driving the car although I've told her to continue and ring the RAC if it happens again. My first thoughts were the Idle Control Valve (if fitted on this Focus, I know they were on the old model)? If not then would it be one of the other sensors playing up and just not reporting an error to the ECU? Is there anything I can do myself to check it over for her - if an ICV is fitted where is it located because I will strip it down and clean it out? I'm very familiar with diesel commercial vehicles such as the Transit and Land Rover's but not so familiar with petrols as I don't work on them at all. Any help or advice appreciated? :D
  2. DrK, I am a few steps further in retro-fitting the Ford Front Parking Sensor switch - but haven't actually completed it yet. As bigmunkynutz mentioned, the multiplug is there behind the dash just under the heating controls where your 'card holder' is. This multiplug, whilst wired for ESP, doesn't (in my model anyway) have the wires for the parking sensor brain. I have bought the parking sensor switch (part no I'll have to get for you again - but I went into dealer and asked for it without giving my reg as prevously they said they couldn't order it as my car didn't have it?), stripped the dash down ( ) and fitted it in place of the card holder. I can confirm plugging in the multiplug will allow the backlight LED to come on with the sidelights but that is all it does.I'm currently waiting for a 'latching' relay to turn up (such as this one at the bottom of the page), as the switch uses 'negative' switching rather than positive, and is only of a momentary action. The mentioned relay will allow a quick press of the switch to activate the relay and for it to stay on until the switch is pressed again. As well as powering the parking sensor brain, I also need a return feed back to the switch to make the orange LED illumiate to say it's on. I am also trying to find out where I can purchase the terminals to fit into the multiplug that will allow me to run my own wires to the relay (as per pic below). I'm keen to get this set up and working before I actually fit the sensors. I've done the rear and they are great, took the bumper off in the end as it was so quick and easy and the markings were there for the original sensors. I'm hoping to take the front bumper off, or at least the lights out to make it easier. I bought both sets from Dolphin Parking Sensors and they were great, rear picture below: I'd like to stress there are other and easier ways to do this, one is to fit a micro rocker switch into the black compartment below the card holder, this doesn't look too out of place. You can also buy a canbus relay which will activate the sensors when the road speed drops below 6mph, I was tempted by this but am a bit of a control freak and so wanted to be able to turn them on and off as I needed the sensors rather than risk them coming on whilst sat behind someone at traffic lights etc.
  3. Hello all, great forum here that I've been reading for a while. We've recently purchased a 2012 Fiesta Edge which we really love, but I am in the process of fitting some parking sensors front and rear into the factory positions. I have no issues with the fitting of the sensors, or with vehicle electrics etc. as I've done this many times - but I want that factory look in our 'new' car. I've ordered the 'Front Parking Switch' and bezel from Ford and it is exactly what I need. I've even managed to work out which pins provide a momentary action to engage the parking sensors but for the life of me am unable to get the backlight or 'on' light to work on the bench out of the car. I'm led to believe the multiplug for this bezel (which can also house the ESP switch and Airbag Off light) is present in all Fiestas. I'm hoping when I take the dash apart tomorrow I will find this plug and plug it in - if anything to get the backlight working. But does anyone have any experience with getting the 'on' LED to work, I'm guessing this would normally activate a Ford Module for the factory sensors, but I still cannot figure out on the bench how it illuminates the LED, even following the PCB tracks under a magnifying glass. If anyone has done this before (I guess not as I did try searching) and can help in any way that would be great! :)
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums SNO1989 :)