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  1. Dab Problem?

    I had a similar issue after losing DAB signal whilst driving along a remote Scottish glen. Everything was back to normal again next day so I guess it needs some time locked to reset.
  2. Correctly Badged?

    Oh well looks like it will be badge shopping on eBay. Are they self adhesive?
  3. Just bought a brand new Fiesta Titanium 1.5 deisel 2013 model in race red with dress up kit & I'm very happy with it. However I have one small niggle which I plan to take to the garage on Monday. The car is badged with one of those ECOnetic badges at the back and there is no TITANIUM badge! Has this been wrongly badged or is this something new with the new models? If I'm going to fork out extra for the excellent Titanium model I want people to know that's what it is!
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums montrosefc :)