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  1. JDon't matter mate I'm just going to retro fit some LEDs cheers
  2. Hi there do you have pictures of how you did yours thanks
  3. Do you have a guide on how you did yours cheers
  4. Cheers guys thinking of just selling these & fitting LEDs
  5. Yeah mine is a 62 reg zs it the proper set of ambient lights that I have the connections are there for these just they don't come on is there an easier way to connect using the proper wires that's there or would it be easy to connect to side lights so they on when there on cheers
  6. Yeah the one just above glovebox & the one that sits in compartment in front of gear knob
  7. Hi got hold of the ambient lighting set just wondering if there's anybody fitted these or if there's a simple way of connecting these up cheers
  8. Hi there iNath could you help with this ambient lighting getting switched on as I've got the lights but I have the zs cheers
  9. Hi anyone selling a front centre lower lip spoiler / aero blade cheers
  10. From the album Mk7 fiesta zs

  11. From the album Mk7 fiesta zs

  12. From the album Mk7 fiesta zs

  13. From the album Mk7 fiesta zs

  14. Hi all my names Tom driving mk7 fiesta zs 1600 Colorado red
  15. Welcome to the Ford forums Mcleant01 :)