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  1. Actually got a reasonable price of 464GBP for duel mass flywheel, clutch kit and hydraulic bearing. Not bad at all I think, got it from a local europarts. Think ill try them for the air flow meter I need as well. Labour is between 250 and 300 from my mechanic. Giving me a total of about 800 which is better than 1k!! Had a look for the conversion kit but aint seen any for my model. Ill be selling soon anyway, had a few problems so far and none have been cheap.
  2. Thanks Craig, are they the same price? Where do you buy em?
  3. Hello all I have just been given the bad news that my focus 2.0 6 speed needs a new clutch. This includes a new Duel Mass Flywheel and Hydraulic Release Bearing. My mechanic says this will cost around 1000 pounds :( He said I can try source the parts myself as this figure is madness to me! I thought I would post here to see if anyone has had the same nightmare or has sourced parts like this from anywhere decent. I have looked on ebay and the prices seem a little better, also notices a make LUK at reasonable prices. I was just about to sell the car and now need to spend this much on it to get it sold :( Thanks for any comments Michael
  4. Electrics Issue

    Changed the bulb again and everything worked ok until I restarted the car. Now central locking screwed and indicators not working. Will ring the mechanic tomorrow. Cheers for the help :0)
  5. Electrics Issue

    Think I may have figured it out, partly anyway. I replaced a bulb last week, when I took it out again the locking and indicators are now working. will get a diff bulb and see if that solves it.
  6. Electrics Issue

    Thanks a million for that, ill have a look round those things tomorrow in daylight and let u know how it goes. Thanks again :D
  7. Electrics Issue

    Hello All, I am having an issue with my 2.0 2005 Titanium Focus. It started a few weeks back and began with the central locking not working everytime. With the fob or key in lock. After a few attempts the key opened the door. But only the drivers. After this brake warning lights and engine warning lights have been on a few times. Finally now the indicators are not turning on. Any ideas what is going on here? Anyone every had an issue like this? I have tried another keyfob with no sucess. Cheers Monty
  8. 2005 Tdci Rust On Wheel Arch

    Cheers Again Catch, you say you used KURUST to remove the rust. Did you then get it sprayed or did you just apply underseal? What underseal did you use? I will get prices for a spray hopefully it is reasonable as its not even that visable with the new ford mudflps on.
  9. 2005 Tdci Rust On Wheel Arch

    Cheers For that Catch, are there photos in this description as I cant see them?
  10. Diesel Particulate Filter 2.0Tdci Ford Focus

    This seems a good price for this part, anyone know if this is a reputable site??? Parts
  11. Hi All, I am about to put new mud flaps on my 2005 2.0 Ford Focus Titanium. On the front wheel arch there is rust, at the back of the arch. See the photo attached. The new mud flap will cover about half the rust but I do not want it to get any worse. I just want to stop the rust from spreading as it is in a place which is not too noticeable. The first quote to have this resprayed was £400 for both sides, which is madness so I am considering a patch up myself if possible but I dont know where to start. Anyone dealt with this issue before or anything similar? Cheers in advance
  12. Hello, A question about the DPF system in my 2.0tdci 2005 Ford Focus Titanium, I have had my car around 2 years and have some chugging and limp mode issues so I took it to the mechanic. He said it is a problem with the DPF Value and is £400 odd for a new one. He said he will try using Diesel Cleaning additive to see if this solves the issue first. I was just wondering has any1 had the same issue and how they resolved it, with or without replacing the new valve. Any advice on how to solve this without the big bill would be great. I have read that driving for long periods at higher speeds can help clear it. Also if I get it cleared now, should I be using Diesel cleaner on a regular basis to stop this happening?? Cheers All :)
  13. Rust starting door bottoms, Ford warranty?

    Any suggestions on good mud flaps for back of arch on front and back wheels? Reasonable price
  14. Engine Bracket

    Hi Guys New problem found today, it appears a bracket has snapped at the top of the engine holding a pump of some discription, will photo 2moz hopefully but has anyone had anything like this?? Sorry, its a 2005 ford focus 2.0tdci Michael
  15. Rust starting door bottoms, Ford warranty?

    mine is doing the same but is out of warranty, will prob have to attempt to fix myself <_<