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  1. Hi Wase16ll, Your previous post was correct. Pulled the plunger out. Now works fine. :)) Cheers for that....
  2. The two plugs are the same design. However the top switch has a longer plunger than the bottom. Have tried to swap them round but it does not fit and the loom isn't quite long enough to reach comfortably. The mounting plate seems solid. The pluger for the brake lights is quite short but seems to be working fine. Won't be back with the car till later this afternoon. Will take photos and upload..... Thx
  3. Hi Wase, The switch still works when pressed or the pedal pulled back. Just doesn't get anywhere near it without help.......
  4. I have a problem with my brake pedal not returning far enough to switch the brake lights off. with the pedal at rest there is approx a 2 - 2.5 cm gap between the brake pedal and the switch mounting plate which appears to be to far away to activate the switches (light & Crusie). i have tried pulling the pedal back but nothing happens. (was hoping for a ratchet adjustment...) I can slacken the white plastic nut which allows the pedal to fully return but it then just falls back. would like to get the car on the road this week so need it ready for MOT ASAP. Thanks Peter
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums apples76 :)