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  1. hey dude, did you get any further with you ml1 CL ? ive just got one and i wanna put my 2.0 zetec lump in it somewhen down the line :)

  2. Happy Birthday Jay T.I.P!

  3. It was the drive shaft oil seals and it's burning it, wopps, looks like it's going up for sale :)
  4. Insurace would batter me on the ST170 2.0.....
  5. Okay so I have a bog stock 1.4 16V CL MK1 Focus in pink, damn I mean red, I'm going for a nice long, hard finger battering on swapping the engine out to a ST170 2.0 engine, then I'm gonna turbo it with a 4-2-1 Manifold, Tubular race pipe, de-cat and a 6x4 oval tip exhaust, on top of that lower it by 60mm all round and stick a set of 16's on it (if I can, need your advice) Or would it just be better I drop this on it's head and buy a ST170? and mod that? I'm 20 and only JUST passed my test......
  6. Don't really know how to tell you about where this oil leak is but it seems like it's coming from near the passanger side drive shaft, I have to keep filling the car with oil and it only lasts about 1,500 miles, it's not burning oil as it's not smoking, it passed it's M.O.T first time with no adviseries, it's a 1.4 CL MK1 on a 02 plate, there's no spotting on the drive way or anything like that, when the engine isn't running I wipe over where the oil is, start the car up and leave it running for about 15 minutes but nothing's there, still dry, drive the car round the block a few times, get back and suprise suprise it's got oil all over it again, I've had the rocker cover gasket replaced, had a service on it and everything, no one's picked up on it at all but me, I know it's not gearbox fluid as I've had my mechanic look into it but he can't work out where the oil is coming from, any ideas? I think it might be a drive shaft oil seal or something which are cheap to buy and easy to fit, not sure but don't wanna be spending too much money on it as I'm limited to what I've got hence why I'm driving a 1.4 and not a ST170, lol
  7. No one?
  8. Nope, they just said "sorry" and let her go
  9. I don't speak to anyone about my things as most times they always get thrown back at me so I deal with them myself.
  10. Okay so I don't know who has been through/going through what I'm going through at the minute but my girl has lost out second baby (Misscarrage) and it's something that people think is fine, everytime you lose one you kinda give up hope on been a dad or mum, I know I've gave up and people go on like you can just replace it with another one, just go in the bedroom a few more times and there's another baby but it ain't nothing like that, when you see the scan and the little heart beating on the monitor it really does turn nothing into your baby/child/kid, I know one thing, it hurts like hell and I've never once felt like this in my whole 20 years of been here, first one wasn't so bad as she told me after she lost it (by 4 weeks to protect me as I had court and I was facing 15 years inside) I lost my dad and still didn't feel like this but now I've been through this one with her and I really really don't know what to do, I'm broken cause I've wanted to be a dad for as long as I can remember and it was finally happening, I went to the appointments, The Scans, went with her to pick stuff out for it (didn't buy anything yet) picked a name for it if it was a boy, just stuff like that and now everything gone up s**t's creek, I'm starting to think it's me and now I'm paying for everything wrong I've done in my life, just feel like the worlds crashing down on me and I'm not putting this on here as a sympathy vote so please don't think that and I'm not putting it on for people to tip toe round me saying there sorry and all of this, I was just asking if anyone's going through the same as me and been through the same, I know it's nothing to do with Ford and yes I respect that, if you wanna take it down, please feel free. P.S I'm 20 and I've lost my second baby, my girl is 30, doctors said everything's fine with her but I'm not conviced.
  11. Abs

    The car does seem really slugish picking up but I thought that's cause it's a 1.4 but my 1.1 pug I had picks up speed a lot faster then this 1.4 does, as well as it struggling to keep speed as well, going up hill I have to mash my foot to the floor, still no smoke coming out of the exhaust though, if it's the piston rings that are worn and the piston chances of the car seizing it quite low as there's too much space and the car does seem to be getting really hot, the temp needle shoots up to half way and when driving a long goes over that sometimes all depends.....
  12. What's the best engine I can fit in a Focus MK1 as I'm thinking of just running this 1.4 16V till it seizes which won't be too long away as it's burning oil at a fast pace, I was thinking of a 2.5 T5 Turbo engine from a ST or a RS engine (If it's not the same) if I can I'll drop the engine in and then wait a few months to see if it's fine and try and Rear drive it cause I know the ST engine's you can Rear drive if you buy a Volvo box as the T5 Turbo is from a Volvo anyway, so that's what I've been told, anyone offering to shed a little light on this?
  13. Abs

    I know it's burning oil like a !Removed! now, it's done 500 miles to a sump of oil, it's NOT smoking in any way, no leaking, I keep topping it up and it just goes, ideas why?
  14. Abs

    Hi guys, I was just asking if a MK1 Focus 1.4 CL has ABS or not, I'm not sure, it's on a 02 plate, I know it's a MK1 as the indicators are on the bumper not in the light clusters!
  15. I'm happy to say that today was the first time I've drove the Focus properly on a distance, I'm all Vauxhall, I hated the Pug I had before, then I got to like it, I've had quite a few Vauxhall's ranging from a Corsa 1.2 SXI to a Vectra B 3.2 V6 SRI and I will say one thing, this Focus for a 1.4 can hold it's own out there, I was racing a Skoda Octavia and I left it in a ball of it's own steam, what can I say, another car I hated but now I like it, the cars exceled me, I love it!