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  1. 05 Mondeo Starting Issues

    So here's an update; I had the mondy down at my Mechanic yesterday for a service and I mentioned about the starting problem, I got a call about 2 hours later say'n that he had opened the starter and it was full of shavings from the flywheel so he cleaned it out and now it starts 1st time again!! :) on the down side I need a new clutch thou :( but after 110,000 miles she's prob due 1
  2. 05 Mondeo Starting Issues

    No not yet have a service soon so gona ask if they would know anything, failing that ill have to get it plugged into ford & c??
  3. 05 Mondeo Starting Issues

    Not to sure what pats light is but all lights come on as normal with none flashing!?
  4. Hi I have a 2.0 tdci Mondy Zetec S & recently when I turn the key the 1st time, nothing happens no turn over what so ever but all lights are on as normal. I then turn the key to the off position & start again it fires up no problem! Any idea what the problem could be?? I am waiting for the coil light to go out every time b4 starting. I have also tried the spare key thinking the key could be worn but the same result. Any help would be great! Marty
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums Marty986 :)