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  1. Focus Clutch?

    Thanks guys that helps I might just go to Ford and ask them for a price .... at least I know its done properly!! Thanks for your assistance
  2. Focus Clutch?

    Hi wonder if there is anyone out there that can help me (I am sure there is!) I have a Focus estate 1.8 X Reg (2000) and have noticed that the clutch is starting to slip a little in top gear. I have taken it to a 'guy a mate knows' and he has quoted £350 to supply and fit the clutch! I am able to get the parts for about £60 and was wondering is it such a horrible job that he had to wack a load of labour on!? I am very mechanically minded and am aware that the kit comprises of the concentric and it is this that "is the pain in the !Removed!" Can you shed some light on this for me Hope you are all well and happy!? Regards Chumley
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Chumley01273 :)