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  1. turbo BIG problem :O(

    well it started when i first bought the car 2yrs ago the turbo kept going in to limp mode only to be told by garage it was my own fault for putting my foot down!! ..and finally after 2yrs it blew last week! it squealed it hissed it blew out black smoke u name it it went ! and oh my god the cost!! for a recon part its costing me £600-700 then vat n labour on top not to mention all the gaskets and new pipes it now needs and electrical fault that caused the main problem to start with!! im gutted it was running on its own oil in the end and not petrol .. :unsure: ..so in total iv got a massive repair bill of £1400 to deal with!! still being fixed at the mo unsure when i will get it back and unsure if i want it back to be honest!!