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  1. Extra keys?

    Yeah but sometimes people can be funny. My gf has been hyper since she found out she should have more than one, it's her first car so she's getting all paranoid about everything lol Will have to take a trip to our local sandicliffe ford and try and get it sorted next week. Cheers for replying so quick
  2. Extra keys?

    Guessed it would probably be as much, would that just be for reprogramming or include keys? Just pop it down to my local ford dealer and see what they say? Any idea how long it might take? btw thanks for replying!
  3. Extra keys?

    Hey all i just bought my gf a 1999 ford ka but we only got one key she was reading the manual and found out she should have a red 'master' key and two with a red dot in them but we only have one of the dot ones. Wondering if anyone has any idea how much it might cost to get two more keys and where to get it done? Cheers