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  1. My wife has a 2003 1.4 Fiesta with approx 35k miles on the clock. Yesterday whilst driving home, the car completely cut out and ECU FAIL flashed up on the dash. She stopped and restarted the car which started first time and then continued to drive home. Is is the start of needing the ECU replacing or could their be other reasons for this to flash up?
  2. Not regularly but it is used and not just in the summer?
  3. Evening and thanks for the rapid responses!! It's petrol, it does have a/c and it does have a temp gauge which always shows that everything is as it should be? The weird bit is that this has happened with 2 different engines so more likely to be something that wouldn't have been changed when the engine was changed?
  4. My wife has a 2003 Mk6 1.4 Ghia Fiesta which she bought off her parents who owned it since new! It is on its 2nd engine (long story) but despite this, there has always been an issue (with both engines) where the cooling fan will always continue to run even after the engine has been turned off? Even in not so sunny December, after a 5 mile journey in no traffic the fan whirres away even after my wife has left it in her work car park!!!
  5. My wife reports that the power steering hasn't been working properly and also tells me that the belt has been screeching which amongst other things generates the power steering pump. Pleaee can someone advise me how to change this?? I'm assuming there is some kind of tensioner involved??
  6. My wife has a 2003 1.4 Ghia Fiesta with power steering. Recently she has had issues with the power steering working intermittantly, especially 1st thing in the morning and this has been coupled with the all too familiar sound of the squealing, slipping belt. Please can someone advise me how to change the belt as I don't have a manual? I assume there is is a tensioner to loosen but I can't seem to locate this?
  7. My wife has a 2003 Fiesta Ghia which has electric mirrors. The driver's side mirror has been struck causing no external damage but now the mirror won't adjust in or out? Still works fine adjusting up and down but not in or out?? Any ideas?
  8. Does this part come with the required attachement bits or are these just the replacement pillars? My pillars are ok just need sticking back on?
  9. My wife has a 2003 Ford FIesta 1.4i Ghia. She is experiencing an issue with the black plastic strips that are fitted between the door pillars separating the F/O/S and R/O/S doors. They have come unstuck and now flap like nothing in the wind when on the motorway. I went to Ford who stated that these cannot be repaired and need to be replaced in their entirety? Is there a way to repair these before they snap off completely?
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums Bagpuss12 :)