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  1. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    It is true that you cannot spec a spare wheel with B&O stereo or panoramic roof. - B&O stereo is self explanatory 'cos there is a subwoofer in the wheel well. - My investigations suggest that the spare wheel well is still present and empty (bar the tyre repair kit) when there is a panoramic roof. Possibly a weight/emissions/mpg technicality that means they can't sell you one with the roof and a spare wheel? I have taken a punt and ordered the roof hoping that I can transfer my current spare wheel kit into the new one. Will be able to say for certain when it's ready late November.
  2. New Fiesta, whos got one?

    Ordered an st line x , delivery November
  3. Does anybody have a definitive answer as to why it is not possible to spec a spare wheel with the panoramic roof? Dealer thinks it might be to do with weight/ emissions. Ford live chat thinks the wheel well might be used for something else. Anybody know for sure? TIA Jon
  4. Fuel - Premium or not?

    My leggy mk6 1.6TDCi runs significantly quieter on super diesel and does about 3mpg extra.
  5. Any feedback/comparison with the Mountune kit yet?
  6. 2006 Ford Fiesta Freedom Trip Reset

    My button also died - I replaced the stalk with one I got for a few quid on ebay.
  7. New Fiesta Range - Red & Black Editions

    Fair enough, having read the press release, there's a little bit more to it I guess. Again, the cars in the photos have EATC as well as heated (cloth) seats and Sony navigation - the latter 2 were not availabe on the Zetec S - if some of these options are included in the price then that makes it more attractive......?
  8. New Fiesta Range - Red & Black Editions

    Yeah, maybe, but painting stuff (including wheels) a different colour to what you would normally, costs nothing extra.Having a different map in the ecu costs them nothing extra either. And you are losing out on free road tax. I am rather disappointed that there's no unique special extras included in the price, like exhaust trim, leather etc similar to what they did on the Metal editions. Unless you are desperate for the silly paint job, I really don't see why you wouldn't just get a Zetec S and Mountune it.
  9. New Fiesta Range - Red & Black Editions

    Anyone know what options these come with as standard? The car in the autocar piece appears to have EATC and heated (cloth!) seats - are these cost options or standard trim? Feels like it needs a bit more than a paint job and small power hike to justify the price......
  10. New Zetec On The Horizon?

    I wish they'd hurry up - I've been waiting a year for this now.
  11. Air Con Question

    Thanks, entirely sensible suggestions - just what I was intending to do next if I can find my !Removed! little old multimeter :)
  12. Air Con Question

    I have this exact same problem on my 2006 Zetec S. When stationary, you can hear the compressor is continually engaging, then disengaging a few seconds later accompanied by a hissing noise. Seems to work fine when moving. Regassing made no difference. My thought was also that the engine fan was not working, and I can confirm that it does not come on when air con is on and the car is stationary - it should shouldn't it? I've checked/ replaced the engine fan fuses and relays - made no difference. Any ideas anybody?
  13. Fiesta Mk6 Zetec S Tdci

    Pretty sure quick clear front screen is standard on this model - mine certainly has it
  14. So is this only an issue without regular servicing - my engine has done 135000 miles but oil changed every year (or sooner), should I be worried?
  15. IIRC City Pack is rear park sensors + powerfold mirrors with puddle lamps - about £300