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  1. I said "I'll be back". I wasn't giving up easily!! Thanks for the instructions Joe
  2. Hi Phil/Gaz, Sorry for not getting back sooner I've been away for a couple of weeks. I've found the problem! One of the cables on the small white plug on the back of the Head unit was just out of the plug. probably shifted it when I slid the unit out early doors . May be of use to someone if it happens again somewhere? I've got to sus out how the voice commands work now! Thanks again for your help and patience with this. Joe
  3. Hi Gaz/Phil, Unfortunately no joy it looks like a new SRM . Ordered it today should be here by Friday. Watch this space. "I'll be back" Joe.
  4. Hi Gaz Tried that and every other config too. Beginning to wonder if its a dodgy SRM now? Checked the wiring again today and no joy there. Joe.
  5. Hi Gaz, I used the incorrect software first and then changed to the ST software when it wouldn't work. I did use the ELM Setup and press Setup ELM327 for MS-CAN bus.The music is fine and cuts out for "calls" just no audio on the voice/ phone. Cheers
  6. Hi Phil, Yes ive done the patch lead and tried the suggested version neither works? Joe
  7. Hi Gaz, Well done to Phil, Unfortunately i'm still struggling. I did what you advised, I've got outgoing and incoming calls but still no in car audio. Mic works fine and the voice button shows "voice" on the radio but without any vocal feedback i'm not sure whats going on with the SRM. Please see the attached, i'm getting this whenever I try to write current config to the HEC. Not sure what it means as the info seems to be there? Ive checked the wiring as far as I can see could it be as simple as ascreenshot.pdf plug missing somewhere? Cheers. Joe.
  8. OK cheers mate, I'll have a go tomorrow and let you know how I get on.
  9. Its a 8M5T-19G488 Gaz
  10. Gaz, I originally used the disc that came with it then realised I should use the one you posted earlier in the thread. Do u think I need to reconfigure the lead/ELM?
  11. Hi Gaz, I've played a little more today with it today. it seems to be the ELM config wont allow me to reconfigure the SRM. It keeps coming up with an ELM error. I did have the Speech recog working at one point (even though badly) however, it wont now and i still have and have never had any audio. Not sure what to try now? Cheers
  12. Hi Gaz, Ok, I've updated using the ELM 327 and all seems ok but I'm not getting any audio in the car. outgoing is fine but its almost as if the speakers aren't connected? radio cuts off the speedo head is showing stuff....strange?? Any help would be appreciated Joe
  13. Thanks Gaz, The bits are on the way I'll keep you informed
  14. Hi Guys, Where is the best place to get the lead from and does it need modifying (i.e. with a switch)?
  15. Ok, Mic works so I guess the plug isn't an issue on this loom? May be something to bear in mind for future retrofitters? I'll get the audio plug next week and then see how it goes. Thanks for the help anyway Garry.