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  1. Hesitation/Loss of Power

    Hi guys. I have posted this problem in more than one forum. Replies from the other forum sugest that I got a scan tool and post the results. I do wish to learn more about modern day engine management so I have bought a ELM327 scan tool. It's problebly a waste of money but maybe I'll learn something. Will keep all of you upto date as things progress.
  2. Hesitation/Loss of Power

    Thanks for the advice. I think I'm going to take it. Bite the bullet and pay the big bill. Thanks again mate.
  3. Hesitation/Loss of Power

    Yes, but I have heard that these are really expensive?
  4. Hesitation/Loss of Power

    Thank you once again for your reply. Engine sensors? I only know of three, camshaft, crankshaft and knock sensor. In which order do you recommend swapping them?
  5. Hesitation/Loss of Power

    Yes, I unhooked the battery for 15 mins.
  6. Hesitation/Loss of Power

    Hello again guys. I have changed the O2 sensor but the problem is still there. Any more suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Chris.
  7. Hesitation/Loss of Power

    Thank you for your help. I will have the O2 sensor replaced. See if that does the trick. Regards Chris.
  8. Hesitation/Loss of Power

    I have a Focus 1.4 CL, 2001, approximatley 110,000 miles on the clock. When the car is started from cold there is no problem for 4 to 5 minutes. It then begins to hesitate on acceleration and feels like it has lost some of it's power. I have had the coil pack, ht leads, plugs, battery, air filter and fuel filter renewed. None have solved the problem. I have had it hooked up to a code reader which reported no abnormalities. The engine management light is not on. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's costing me a fortune. Thanks Chris.