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  1. 2001 Ford Focus Intermittant Speedo

    that i can cope with lol
  2. 2001 Ford Focus Intermittant Speedo

    just got to get a replacement first lol. does anyone know if it can be bought over the counter at a auto spares shop or if i would be better off on ebay
  3. 2001 Ford Focus Intermittant Speedo

    cool but i was not planning on spending that much i was thinking of doing it myself :D
  4. 2001 Ford Focus Intermittant Speedo

    excellent thanks guys :)
  5. 2001 Ford Focus Intermittant Speedo

    no i have not noticed a drop in power. so is it the gearbox speed sensor if so i have seen it for around n£15 - 20 on ebay is that good
  6. hi all i have a 2001 ford focus all seems to be fine at the moment with the exception of the speedo. it has a mind of its own lol. i can be driving along and all is fine then for no reason the needle on the speedo will drop to zero. when this happens the mileage figure does not increase but the figures do not drop to zero they stay on the same number they where on before the speedo stops ( hope that makes sense ) all the other dials work properly at all times even when the speedo stops. is this an easy problem to solve thanks in advance rich
  7. Welcome to the Ford forums sandman1973 :)