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  1. thank you for your replies it all helps me :) furthermore to this the mechanic had drilled a small hole in the thermostat and i had run it , yes it seems better but after a good heat up it still indicates high upon driving uphill but cools down quickly going down hill, the fan doesn't seem to come on like as it did before all the time so there is improvement here, but i do know that this method isnt the best way to solve this, i am leaning towards wasel1611 post of a possible blockage somewhere as it only happens when its doing over 60 it seems to be restricting somewhere. i will try another cap tho artscot. sarah x
  2. thanks for your replies :) i forgot to add that i had the water pump changed too. just been thinking about that i know a couple of the rubber coolant pipes off the bottle had been changed also as they had become softish kind of floppy and not like the other pipes on the car if this is of any other help ? sarah x
  3. Hi , i own a 2000 plate 1.6s zetec focus and am at a loss in trying to resolve my issue with the car i own , im wondering if any of you guys have had this problem and come to the conclusion in fixing this and saving my mind. I have read a previous forum post regarding this with another members post but to no avail. the temp guage shoots over to the red whenever i climb up on a slight to high hill and comes down if i take my foot off or slow down. So far i have had the rework done by ford as in the coolant bypass hose that goes into the radiator, new cht sensor new coolant and flush , changed the thermostat twice .. the cabin is getting hot they have checked and theres no leaks, coolant is clean and im desperate to fix my lovely car that's immaculate and loved by me. if there is any more information i can give please ask any help guys ? i would be grateful for any of your help as i dont want to part ex my car, and most of all solve this problem for us all here. sarah x
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums digistar :)