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  1. Ok good point about the number of ECU's in a car I was thinking motorcycle-simple - there is freeware for writing control instructions to the (single) ECU on motorcycles I did reconnect the battery as the locks popping every 20 seconds flattened it but the symptoms did not change: the alarm and locks were still mad after that So I will enquire at the Henry Ford factor for the appropriate patch cable to replace my aftermarket one - and ask BEATs for their fitting instructions as I appear to have lost the originals :\
  2. It turns on and off with the ignition ok. 3 questions 1) do i need to command the ecu not to look for a radio on the can leads? 2) Is there a recommended suppier of patch leads 3) is it necessary to connect to the steering column remote controls
  3. Hi Tomtom 70 My lead only has terminal blades in A1-A8 then A12-A16 so 9,10,11 are not connected and none in B or C I did not get a patch lead for the steering wheel remote There is no branding on this lead but I could take a picture if that helps?
  4. Hi I have a 2008 1.8 TDI Focus with the awful Visteon 6000CD sound system. When it started to play up (randomly switching to 'phone mode') I decided to upgrade So i fitted a BEAT290 CD Head Unit with SD Card Input with a patch lead kit, Initially alll was well the audio system worked consistently and to quality was much improved. But then I started to get problems with the alarm and central locking 1) all the locks clunking until the battery went flat 2) random alarm soundings I refitted the horrid old Visteon and the locks and alarms are working properly again! Help anyone?
  5. Welcome to the Ford forums lcjohnny :)