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  1. I used the funnel this morning and no fuel split out the bottom of the car! So does this mean I use the funnel always from now on? Is this not something I can get fixed? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the reply. It is most certainly a strange issue! So if I get a fuel funnel I will then fill the car from a can and not a pump? Also what does this prove? Thanks! Dean
  3. All, I am having an intermittent problem with my Focus. What happens is when I put diesel into the car, some diesel will then be dripping out of this overflow pipe. It doesn't appear to matter if I fill the tank, or only half fill it. In fact recently I put about £20 worth of diesel in and it still did it! So it can't be that the fuel tank is full. I rung my local Ford garage and they were stumped and said they can really only start with diagnostics and take it from there. Does anyone here have any ideas or advice? Thanks Dean
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums drbabbers :)