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  1. How To Remove The Fuel Pump

    Fuel fine filter
  2. A new program ELMConfig.
  3. ELMConfig.This software (firmware PCM (ESU-411/418)) only works on petrol engines. I downloaded the new firmware for the 1.8 petrol engine, manual transmission (MT). 7M51ADG Durateс-HE 1,8L IB5 (RUS) 7M51ADA 7M51ADE7M51ADF 7M51ADG February 2012 Durateс-HE 1,8L , IB5 (Europe)Скрытый текст7M51VC7M51VG7M51VH7M51VJ February 2012 Durateс-HE 2,0L MTX75 (RUS)7M51ABA 7M51ABC7M51ABD 7M51ABE February 2012 Durateс-HE 2,0L MTX75 (Europe)7M51XA7M51XE7M51XF7M51XG February 2012
  5. 1.4 л (80л.с) MT (SIM28) - 7M51AJC 1.6 л (100л.с) MT (SIM28) - 7M51AKE 1.6 л (100л.с) АT (SIM28) - 7M51ALE (ru), 7M51AGE (spain) 1.6 л (115л.с) MT (SIM29) - 7M51BBC
  6. I replaced the computer's firmware (PCM) 7M51ADF on 7M51ADG. With the help of the program and the ELM327 ELMConfig. With this program, a lot can be done. A lot can change in different units of the car, good luck.
  7. Programming software for PCM with ELM327.
  8. Tell us what is not clear. The price of all radio components 2 - 3 $. + Buttons on the old remote control SONY.
  9. Information as to establish their own hands buttons for cruise control is on the Russian site I installed on my car cruise control. If you have any questions, please contact me.
  10. Full Parts List/catalogue

    The program.
  11. Full Parts List/catalogue

    I do not speak English, but it works, I use it.
  12. Really Hot Motor

    It can be seen between the two radiators.
  13. Full Parts List/catalogue

    It all works translate.