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  1. Thanks, that's useful info. If I do replace the alloys I would want to go with Ford alloys anyway, but it sound like I would need to have check that the tyre supplier could change the CCC/remove the rack limiter. I suspect I would go for 16" - it's all about being practical rather than the car looking good. I know the dealer has had the wheels sprayed so reckon they will want a full refurb in a year or two anyway.
  2. Just about to pick up a 2011 Mk3 Titianum which comes with 18" alloys (option from new I assume). I don't fancy the prices of 18" tyres so wondering if I can change to 17" or 16" alloys without too much trouble - would welcome thoughts.
  3. Hi, I have a focus saloon with RDS5000 head unit and 6 cd changer. I am wondering if I can put an in dash sat nav head unit to replace the factory head unit. I am hoping there is an easy and cheap upgrade! Thanks
  4. A few weeks back I accidentally opened the drivers side rear window using the drivers door master control. I pressed the up button and the window went down more, pressed up again and it went all the way down and stayed down, neither the front or rear passenger switch would do anything. My local mechanic got the window up and found that with the master control out of the loop the rear switch operated the window (so motor OK). He thought the master swtich was faulty. I purchased a new master control switch, fitted it and while the front windows work perfectly, the rear passenger side window clicks and doesn't move, the rear drives passenger window goes down but not up (even when pressing the up button it only goes down!) - pressing the swtich to isolate the rear windows allow the rear door switches to operate their respective windows. My other observation is that closing the drivers door can trigger the locking central locking - i.e. it makes they same sound as pressing the unlock button on the remote control with the car unlocked. I doubt that the new switch is faulty as it seems to have the same problems as the old one. My theory is the wiring loom in the drivers door, perhaps where it folds/unfolds as the door opens, has seen better days. Has anybody seen this fault before, if so what was the cause? All clues gratefully rec'd. I am also wondering what the part number(s) are for the drivers door wiring loom and ideas on cost. Online research has been unsucessful so far;I hate going to the main stealer unprepared!
  5. Problem solved. I took the car to my local body shop who determined that water was getting between the seems, he did a bit of welding and job done - no more moisture in the boot.
  6. Welcome to the Ford forums FreeFocus :)