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  1. Mk3 with zetec 2ltr Si

    Hi all. If possable could i pick your brains for a while. I have an N reg Fiesta with an XR2i CVH engine in it at the moment BUT a friend of mine has asked me if i would like to buy his 2ltr Si Zetec silver top off of him as it will go into the Mk3 no problem. He also said to keep the gear box and fly wheel from the CVH as this will conect right upto the Zetec (IS THAT RIGHT ENOUGH?) Also he said that i would NOT need to do a break conversion but simply replace disks and pads for performance ones. And what about the wireing e.g the loom and ecu? Is there anyone on the forum that has done this conversion or could someone give me some sites that i can look at about Zetec conversions i would be very greatfull for your help folks much apprecated