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  1. Well I said no mods for a while but had a spare hour or so finally refitted my Steeda oil catch can and my summit racing strut brace
  2. No more mods as such to talk about but got some new cleaning products from Jayswax and after 5 hours some pretty good results I think :)
  3. ill try and do one when i can heres the link to them https://ceuk.myshopify.com/collections/rgb-halos/products/rgb-halos-bluetooth-controlled
  4. well need to fit the oil catch can again, front top strut, a deep clean next week. then come payday there may be a few things in the post ;) have to keep an eye out
  5. not at all, remove the fog light bezzels, fit into place with tape route the wiring and secure into place plug all together and insulate the connectors and connect to the battery, if you walk away from them and go out of Bluetooth range they turn off and turn off after locking the car if you wait 10mins, plus you can still be connected to the radio play music and control the colour from the app controlling them :)
  6. Some night time photos of the halos
  7. I got them from Ali express I'll try and find a link for you, and I'm pretty sure they would the latches seem a pretty common size if I'm honest, yh I'll email them and see what they say hopefully get some nice clear photos fitted, I'm not to sure about the spoiler haha talked about going hybrid turbo and she wasn't bothered showed her the BTCC spoiler after talking about turbos and she went mental haha something about she ain't being seen in Sainsbury's doing the shop with that on it 😂 Haha done a few more hits today, pro alloy charge pipe kit installed omg what a faffffff to get on and getting it to sit in the right place nearly gave up if it wasn't for the fact I wouldn't have any pipes connecting the turbo to anywhere 😂 Didn't get many photos of that install tho, just a change from 53mm pipe to 67mm all the way through no restrictions plenty of more cooler air to play with ;) and installed my halos from CEUK brilliant kit highly recommend them!! Off on They are really bright in daylight, photo doesn't show it but I'll get one at night later to really show them off ;) needs a clean which will be Tuesday job, then a full detail on Friday as she's being used as a Prom travel car :) waiting for a silicon reducer to install my oil catch can from Steeda that I had to take off due to the pipes supplied calasoped under pressure -.- and also a strut brace while I have all the panels off :) busy day Tuesday should be ;) also a little info after installing the boost solenoid valve the revs holds really well, the boost is smooth and lot quicker, changing gear and letting off the throttle creates a loverly turbo flutter and still pulls as hard as ever, straight to 3/4 on the bar dial and holds there through all gears doesn't drop one bit love it!!
  8. Well got home early from work today so... this little lot happened 😎 Latch covers from China CP gels Paint Modz header tank cover!! New boost solenoid valve, if I can get a video tomorrow I will sounds insane Some little CP logos on the mudflaps front went on square and rears are at an angle so you can see them Instagram this logo #D13 HPD gel New left old right big difference Both new lights #next level This is how she's left for tonight until more time spent on here tomorrow!! God she needs a clean
  9. I do like the BTCC look but when I showed the other half the rear spoiler you can get which is a copy of the BTCC one she said are you hell as like getting that, so she's normally not ever bothered about what I do to the cars but she put her foot down on that one 😂 For now 😜😉
  10. I picked the car up Tuesday night and then got it home and had to drive up north for a training course with work so only grab the photos I have above, I'm home tomorrow and hopefully if the sun is shining or at least not raining I'll be playing with some new bits and will get plenty of photos :) and it's with the 3M tape mate plenty strong enough! And cheers for the feedback on the lights, just want them to be nice and black and glossy the top ones just don't look glossy if you get me? I'll ask the seller and see if he has more photos :)
  11. Hmm which tail lights to get 🤔
  12. Picked her up last night ;) have a shed full of things to play with soon! A few things done - new splitter, side skirt splitter, front plastics gloss black, rear spoiler extension, wing repaired, crash bar painted, wing mirrors painted
  13. Injectors and then a custom remap would see you getting some more gains, but only install them when you get to the tuners don't put them in before hand you might be over fuelling a lot
  14. For me I went for the ITG in my focus and I rate thier kit 100 times more than the J1, and I'd out ITG on a fiesta as well but up to you
  15. Cheers Jonro, I've re-ordered another plate 😂 But am going to use the Bespooked removable and reusable plate solution system, so I'm going to put it on the drivers side so should be visible to all incoming traffic if I get pulled for it again I'll pull it off hand it to them and ask them where they'd like it to sit 😂 Yh there's been a few changes, a couple more to come ;) the cars in the paint shop tomorrow to be repaired and have some alterations shall we say and there will be plenty of photos when I get her back but doubt it will be for a few or two