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  1. Bump anyone?
  2. As per title really, wanting to stick some spacers on my stock ST wheels, thinking 20mm front and 25mm rear, has anyone done this to a mk3 and know they fit? also do the stock alloys havea recess on the mating hub to allow a little pock from the studs in the hub? cheers, pictures would help as well :)
  3. Not many things to report, but fixed the driver door weather seal rubber, re-sealed the paint work, and gave the chipex kit a go on the old stone chips here and there, works well and blends in well, but I can see it taking a few applications to fully recover the chips to the same paint depth again but patience. Also tinted the rear reflectors sorry for bad photos when I next use the car I'll grab a bette photo used a light smoke tint nothing serious but went well :) O and removed the vinyl on the front bumper as I wasn't a fan And removed the sound deadnening stuff under the bonnet, kept all the clips etc in case it's a bit more noisy
  4. Well I've got a few things on order and had a day off today so have her a quick wash, applied wax last week so much of it just washed off m, wanted to top up the sealant but rain stopped play so will do that tomorrow. Got a couple of jobs to do, tinting the rear bumper reflectors and also my driver door under sider rubber has come off so need to reattach that still waiting on the V5 to sort my number plate out -.- after ive fitted the next lot of goodies from the postman, have to wait until next payday and it's time to fill the arches a bit more and maybe a trip to TRC :) plus my birthday so hopefully some car goodies
  5. Nice cheers I'll have a look at them thanks, what the battery like or did you hard wire it in?
  6. Has anyone got any experience with car trackers, want a little more security with my car and want to get a tracker just in case it is ever stolen. does anyone have one installed or used one?
  7. It's just a little un-appealing
  8. Cheers, yh when I dropped the rubber bits down a bit I put some padding around the shut lines just invade I dropped it to far and slowly closed the bonnet but it now sits perfectly imo, and i haven't noticed any high engine or oil temps, so I can happily say that the rumour it is to have more air into the engine to keep it cool I'd say is a myth. A small update, fitted these today only something small mall like I say, I plan on having the alloys re-powder coated next year, I also have to rear wiper delete to do but currently looking for a guide on how to do it 🤔 Apart from that she needs a clean already a little dusty sort that out tomorrow I think
  9. Bump anyone?
  10. Phil, good to be back, yes the focus is a lot more roomy and feels safer, it truly is the fasted car I've own so far, I'd like to compare it to a stock RS see if it could keep up, plenty more room for improvement with it how much performance wise I do will have to see as to me the power is currently more than I can use due to narrow roads etc round my way
  11. With the CP300 package added on its unbelievable so much more than I expected and every time I look get in drive it I'm smiling from ear to ear!! 😌😍
  12. Evening all, does anyone know may be a silly question, but some time ago mountune used to produce some wing spats for the fiesta mk7's do they fit the focus st spoilers as the design looks the same to me?
  13. This looks better to me? What you think
  14. Done some digging there is 2 rubber stops which the bonnet rests on when closed and these can be turned down the gap gets smaller, Ford nearly set them to a standard height during manufacture, so I'll adjust them tomorrow, previous owner either didn't know or from the dealer never questioned it
  15. Cheers for the comments, how would I know if the front has dropped a bit? I see what you mean, and I've got a newer photo defo with the bonnet closed to compare on how it looks