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  1. Injectors and then a custom remap would see you getting some more gains, but only install them when you get to the tuners don't put them in before hand you might be over fuelling a lot
  2. For me I went for the ITG in my focus and I rate thier kit 100 times more than the J1, and I'd out ITG on a fiesta as well but up to you
  3. Cheers Jonro, I've re-ordered another plate 😂 But am going to use the Bespooked removable and reusable plate solution system, so I'm going to put it on the drivers side so should be visible to all incoming traffic if I get pulled for it again I'll pull it off hand it to them and ask them where they'd like it to sit 😂 Yh there's been a few changes, a couple more to come ;) the cars in the paint shop tomorrow to be repaired and have some alterations shall we say and there will be plenty of photos when I get her back but doubt it will be for a few or two
  4. New front end, plate location I know I think it's not on straight -.-
  5. So not had a great day, moved the number plate to the bonnet, will get a photo, also new wheel nuts fitted and also engine cover relocation studs from Boomba fitted, toke delivery of the new splitter and spoiler extension, also removed the slam panel cover it had stuck onto it and then decided to remove the wing ST badges and my day got worse this happened -.- Yep that's all the loverly laquer that was on the wing now removed and possible an expensive repair coming my way next week, booked into a paint and repair place for Tuesday so will see what the damage is going to be then not my day -.-
  6. Is anyone running water meth on the mk3 st?
  7. Bonnet struts on
  8. Cheers guys think I am going to go with 300mm rear upgrade on standard calipers but maybe 6 pot brembos on the front 🤔 But like you say the RS 4 pots are good for 450bhp on the pumaspeed build so why not on mine waiting to see what sort of deal I can get from sci co getting them both at the same time, decided on the front splitter last night and put an order in so will have to wait and surprise you on that one :) just waiting another week until pay day and then more mods to buy 😂 I hope my other half doesn't find this forum 😂 Also got stopped on Saturday by the police 5O fuzz people a young lad stepped out cautioned me and decided I was breaking the law but he couldn't tell me until he had a good look round the car and only to come back with his anpr system was incorrect and my private plate hadn't changed over but he wanted to point out my number plate was in an illegal position so I need to move it -.-
  9. Cheers guys, and the brackets on the bonnet kit are already pre painted tangerine scream so no worries there, I think I'm going to go with yellow callipers, I'm undersided tho, if to go just 300mm rears and 4 pot fronts or 4 pot rear and 6 pot fronts? 🤔 How much stopping force do I need? Got my CEUK halos I need to fit them, and some side splitters to go on when I get a chance and a helping hand to fit them, just the front to sort out on what I'm going to do splitter wise 🤔 And possible the SS tuning rear bumper valance 🤔 Again not sure, plans are still to hybrid turbo at the end of the year and methanol injection next year I guess changing the chocolate pistons is then on the cards think I'm going to need to ask for some overtime 😂
  10. ^ +1 on the above, I've asked ford and it's a new ooom required to make them work as they should new headlight switch in side plus lights and labour I was quoted 3k!!! I'm going to SJ conversion and having Simon completely redo my lights and set them up correctly that's the best advice I could say to do
  11. A couple more simple touches done today Changed the hose on the washer jets Chris at paintmodz done a superb job on the key cover and shark fin to match the heated jets My old number plate was starting to fade don't think it was made properly so went with a nice short 3D gel one I did get the bonnet lifter kit from NBStyling but was missing a ball joint so couldn't fit it as off yet and got some braided brake lines in prep for upgrading the fronts to 4 pot brembos and rears to the 300mm disc kit :) all with tarrox discs and pads just awaiting a price and date some time in late June I believe, what colour to have the calipers is the question tho 🤔
  12. New wheels are on and new rubber on the rears due to disformed tyres Before During and nd the end results!!! Well worth 8hours of driving if I'm honest! It's all starting to come together now :)
  13. Cheers here's a side by side of the two coolers old and new
  14. So another few bits done this afternoon, not many photos taken due to a tight time frame to get it all fitted :) so firsts ups swooping the mountune cooler to the Wagner (poor photo of it installed) Removed the big mouth front looks a lot cleaner now new fogs and complete light kit from CEUK refitted the CAI hose under the headlight breedt manifold and throttle body Spacers along with the 2.3l ecoboost throttle body - which was a pig to fit in correctly as it was pretty tightly packed down there all done with the help of Gareth over at TK Performance so results, well already I can the cooler Spacers and throttle body are making an effect, throttle response is crisper torque and boost seem lower in the RPM range, on a dry road wheel spin is aggressive or can be in third, it pulls hard from the line, we found out it possibly has a sports cat already installed but we couldn't find any Ford number or info or any other info stamped into it so we don't know for sure? Whats next? Well I have a few visible changes to make, i.e. Tomorrow I'll get the new wheels fitted, need new wheel nuts, side and front splitters, shark fin antenna, change of sun strip colour combo, brakes I need to sort something about brakes, bigger discs on the rear and the RS 4 pots with tarrox discs and pads all round I do have some bits for sale if anyone's interest mountune cooler pumaspeed updated boost solenoid 2 x 25mm wheel spacers 4x 20mm wheels Spacers velossa big mouth power flex exhaust rubbers if interested pm me until tomorrow I'll update then :)
  15. Haha, yh toke ages just lining them up to fit right not much room on the single skin bonnet and didn't want to cut into the second skin area haha and already coated them last night with carbon collectives wheel sealant with plenty of coverage should keep all dirt brake dust etc to a min and should just mean a quick pressure wash to clean them but atm before they go on they are spotless!! I'd lick them there that clean haha