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  1. With those cylinders being so close together and small wall thickness its something i cant see why ford never did from new, btw love the build and love the sound of a 5 pot if only i could have a 5 pot noise in my mk3 st :( was the CP340 ST a mk3?
  2. have you have the paint covered in clear wrap? im thinking about having mine patched up chip wise and then covered in clear wrap to protect it or what about the Pumaspeed 450
  3. I did think that Jonro about the exit handles but I have no idea how to take them apart, and I'd be without opening the car from the inside while I painted them so would maybe need a second set and sell them over, not sure but it's one I'll look into, the front is a bit of a dilemma atm, I've spoken to mountune and they won't be getting any of the cup spoilers in stock for a while and I left them my details for when they do but it could be 9+ weeks till they do! So I'm torn between cup spoilers and mou tune lower centre bar or do I get another splitter either the same or the racing one with the rods on the grill, for now I'm going to get the side skirts next pay day and then leave the front for a while until I make my mind up haha In the mean time I'm sure I can feel a difference with the plugs pulls harder never had wheel spin in third before on a dry road warm tyres and now I do? 27th and 30th May are going to be the next BIG updates with mods planned ;) so look out and yh you'll love the deflectors I do just adds that little bit of a touch on the sides and dash cam is something I still need to get 😂 Another month lol
  4. Dam :/
  5. Does anyone know if the new mk3.5 tail lights from an ST fit the mk3 prefacelift ST?
  6. Yh the pin strips went not going for the look now it's done to much, going for the clean look, I like these team heko ones more than the climair ones, I had those on my golf and they are really broad stick out a lot these are slim are hardly notice they are on tbh, I'd go for then mine were only £25 delivered for front and rears!! Well I adjusted the bonnet stoppers, I've spoken to a few people and they've said it was to aim air flow but I can't see what it's going to help tbh, like I have the big mouth Intake which scoops the air up into my CAI, the intercooler and rad are in the bottom and centre grill so there's nothing left to cook down really apart from ambient temps but my engine bay ain't that hot any more tbh, plus I've got a couple of things planned which will only Benicit the temps ;) cheers for the kind comments, I'd adjust the bonnet so it looks closed like it should do. had te plugs installed the ones that came out had done 35k not really that black but now I'm not sure if it's in my head or not but it seems to pick up revs quicker?? And idles better a lot more crispy sounding probs just me thinking I've spent £45 on them so they must have made an Improvment 😂 Also forgot to mention painted the door grab plastics gloss black, just got to work out how to get the steering wheel V off to paint 🤔
  7. Jonro you'll have to fill me in on the joke? I'm not sure I've heard this one haha spent the morning giving the girl a nice clean de-comtanination wash wax and sealed - off out to see my mate about those spark plugs later Also removed the stickers on the rear to give it a more cleaner look - pics don't do the colour and the flake justice knew I loved this colour for a reason!
  8. They are called Rocco mud flaps on eBay Got these in the post today will get them fitted by a mates garage tomorrow as I don't have a long enough socket and some insiration from Panaramics thread sound proofing silent coat before and after probably could have been installed better but if no ones going to see it haha 😂 Ready for a sub boot build maybe 🤔
  9. I found making sure mine are clean even when the car is dirty just a quick wipe with a cloth solves the random going off, it does it in my golf as well and my mums Peugeot does it so I wouldn't worry to much but if it's still got dealer warranty just ask them to check the module is all ok
  10. No worries :) yh I'm still deciding what to do with the front so will leave it stock for now and get other bits I know I want Got a few little touches added this afternoon before work tonight -went for team heko deflectors, and also inlays to match the body colour got some goodies today as well, straight from the US an ecoboost 2.3 mustang 69mm throttle body conversion kit :) and the breedt TB and manifold spacer set - need longer TB bolts as these are to short for the mustang TB and spacer
  11. I don't know why they didn't come with bolts tbh brand new sent an email to the company I got them from and waiting a reply but, I will do a little review when I've fitted them also found them they are M8 bolts standard thread ill hit the DIY shop tomorrow for some longer ones
  12. Does anyone know the specs of the throttle body bolts in a mk3 pre ST I've got the Bredt space to install but the bolts aren't long enough and need longer but I don't have any means to measure the thread pitch etc
  13. Here's the photos of the brake light for you guys still very visible I'd say also new washer jets colour coded :) much nicer!! and im toying with the idea of having the Fifteen52 cup cpoilers fitted instead of a splitter and painting the inserts in the grill like this hmm 🤔 What you think?
  14. cheers iantt :)
  15. Gizza, cheers for that, im planning on getting the front and rear upper struts at least, with a stiffer rear anti roll bar, i have lowered springs with standard shocks, not standard performance but by no means a rally race car spec engine, do you need to change the front anti roll bar? as i thought changing the front increased understeer? in the future ill be looking at coilovers with adjustable shocks but for now its not planned