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  1. ive been told it lets the engine spin more freely less drag and also in high BHP builds can become an issue with cylinders not wanting to be inside the block anymore... but wanting to know how safe it is and is it really needed, or anyone done the mod so i can have some first hand experience
  2. Has anyone done the balance shaft delete on the mk3 st? Anyone got any experience with it? TIA
  3. Not a massive update, got a few new parts on there way to me :) and also got the balls to tint some new fog lights, I'll do the indicator lens and also the rear tail light when I can :) Also unsure on what alloys to change to, thinking team dynamic pro 1.2 but what colour either white with yellow Goodyear logo, black and white logo or a Matt/light gold hmm?
  4. If anyone is interested in this mod the valve is located just on the turbo, its a wheel off wheel arch out and you should be able to get to it
  5. As the previous owner went for the CP300 package it already had an ECU flash done after it had the induction, intercooler and exhaust fitted, as the ECU is clever enough to know the drop in Intake temps and increase fuel to adapt to the denser air it will be fine, I'm going to get an more efficient intercooler and sports cat fitted in the coming months so will possibly have a tweak of the tune then but as I've technically not changed or added any other components to when it was flashed it should adapt on its own, I'm looking to add other performance parts in the latter of the year and possibly hybrid and bigger injectors next year so it will need a custom tune rolling Road tune not just a flash but it went out for a 2 hours drive today a couple of photos taken, again the induction system was cold after a very good blast down the A11 :)
  6. Yh pipe came with the ITG kit, awesome bit of kit love it so far
  7. Cheers Phil you don't want to know how long it toke me to complete and how many bits ended up in the bin after not going on right 😂 My review: Id taken her out yesterday for a 30min drive came back and couldn't put my hand on the intake pipe due to it being to hot, and tonight as I'm off work now for a few days I went the same route around the same temperature and made sure she got up to temp both coolant and oil, gave her a blast came back hand on the intake pipe and well I'm actually really impressed, it was cool not cold not ambient temp either but I could happily hold the intake pipe even near the turbo at the back without it feeling hot for £20 I call that a success!!
  8. Up nice and early after being on nights last night, couple of hours sleep but thought I'd better get up and get on with the day, change the intake system and give the car a deep clean inside and out! So here's the before and after photos of the intake - the old forge one is for sale in the sale section and eBay before and after, now there is a quieter suction noise, but it holds revs a little better, and you can now here the exhaust a little more, the DV has become a little quieter as well. next the clean started inside but no photos so here's the end result after 6 long hard hours at it :)
  9. Thank you Jonro, yes there is some slight negitive camber on the rear not a great deal only 3 degrees id estimate, its a close one im not sure if i should reduce the fronts back down to 15mm spacers, but in certain angles the fronts are spot on, its the tyres as they have the rim protector lip fitted it looks like they are poking out from the arch but the side wall is pretty much bang in line with the arch, i might have to get 25mm's for the rears as of yet im happy with it how it is
  10. So my new ITG induction system came today, quickly before work tonight I've wrapped the intake pipe in some aliminuim plated fibreglass heat reflection wrap stuff or other, supposedly 95% heat reflection, was suggested to do it by the guys at TK Performance, after some data logging their test car intake temps dropped by almost 15'C after wrapping theirs so for £20 I'm In, just need to fit it all tomorrow - my Forge kit will be for sale after if anyone's interested
  11. Has anyone done this mod can help a lad out :)
  12. when you remove the mirror lens, you can see some tabs on the top push these down with some force down and away from you the cap will come off above the lens and then you have access to unclip the lens
  13. that looks right to me
  14. Firstly the ford badge you can get off ebay for £20, id use a heat lamp leave it near the badge 1-2 feet away for half hour and gently pry the old one off, the new ones come with 3M tape so peel off and install, also the wing mirror puddle light, move the mirror to the far bottom and in, use a trim removal tool so you dont damage the paint, flick the mirror off just pops off might take a little force, then the light holder is just there on the bottom, id suggest changing both to some nice crisp white LED's :)
  15. i dont know how to install one on your model of car, but ive always found them worth while in installing them, the crud ive seen in a few of mine esp from my previous car Mk1 TT that was full of oil vapor nearly monthly