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  1. Bike Carrier / Tow Bar For S-Max

    Thanks for all the feedback - all very interesting, although seems a bit conflicting, too. Jeebo advocates talking to Ford for their official line on towbars (having spoken to my local Ford dealership, they said that going to a reputable tow-bar installer won't invalidate the warranty and cutting the bumper is fine, too), while Feet says to ignore the official line :) Feet - any particular reason why that carrier? In your opinion would any rear carrier fit? cheers S
  2. Bike Carrier / Tow Bar For S-Max

    Thanks. I'll be honest - I'm a bit surprised. I spoke to Ford and they confirmed that the rear door isn't strong enough to support a bike carrier on it, and Halfords themselves list the smax as a vehicle that they don't support for their bike carriers. How many bikes are you able to carry on it? S
  3. I recently purchased a nearly new 2012 S-Max Titanium, for long family journeys abroad, as well as for our camping trips. When camping we often have enough gear to warrant a roof rack, but this year I also wanted to start taking mine and my kids bikes along with, too. Having done some research it appears that the rear door of the S-Max is a composite material that isn't strong enough to hold a rear bike carrier safely (especially when laden with 3-4 bikes). Is this correct? If so, then I've started to look at getting a tow bar fitted and a bike carrier attached to the tow bar. This is my first experience with tow bars and bike carriers, so some advice would be welcome: My local Ford dealer said they don't supply either, so is there a recommended tow-bar fitter in/near North London? Some of the tow-bar sites I have read say that they would need to cut into my rear bumper in order to fit it. Is this going to compromise the safety of the bumper and/or my warranty? Are all tow bars alike? Or is there a recommended brand? I'd prefer to get one that can be removed when not-needed, both to reduce the likelihood of damage while parking, and to stop it interfering with the rear parking sensors It seems like the whole wiring thing is horribly confusing and a bit of a kludge. Is there a simple solution to what kind of wiring I would need and a way to ensure that its not going to screw up the electrics of the car? I merely want to be able to put a bike carrier on - I have no intention or desire to hook up a caravan or trailer, etc.thanks S
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums SpiderJ :)