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  1. DVD Headrests

    I've been looking at getting these as the wiring looked easy. My stumbling block is that I cannot work out how to remove the leather seat covers. I know the cables just feed down the headrest hole but using a cable puller tool I reach something solid which I assume is the airbag. How did you get your cables though the seat.
  2. Dvd Headrest

    I've seen a set on eBay which are headrests with the screens built in. The hardest part looks like feeding the wires through the seats as I've prodded a professional cable puller down the seat and get stuck halfway down (I'm assuming its the airbag). I need to somehow remove the leather seat cover but have no idea how to without cutting the seat open which is something I'm not going to do.
  3. Dvd Headrest

    I have a 2005 Ford Focus Cmax and am thinking of purchasing DVD headrest players from eBay to keep the kids quiet. The fitting involves running cables through the seats. Has anyone done this as I was wondering if the seat backs pop off or do I need to feed cables down the seats with a wire puller. Any advice would be gratefully received.....
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Sambora2002uk :)