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  1. 2013 Fiesta - Engine Malfunction???

    I had the exact same problem as yourself a few weeks ago and the fault was the brake switch connection. if you look at the brake pedal there are two switches the multi plugs that go into them are sometimes loose and require taken out and pushed right home and possibly cable tied in place.
  2. Ford Ka soaking wet driver's side footwell

    Hi to anyone who has a new KA, and has found water ingress into the drivers side footwell. Ford has released a list of seven different places the water ingress could be coming from. 1. THE AIR DUCT BEHIND THE SCUTTLE PANEL (NOT ENOUGH SEALER) 2. THE SEAM IN THE FENDOR UNDER THE SCUTTLE PANEL (NOT ENOUGH SEALER) 3. THE ABS WIRING GROMET (COMES LOOSE) 4. THE PEDEL BOX GROMETS (COME LOOSE) 5. THE WEATHER STRIP AROUND THE DOOR (NOT ENOUGH SEALER ON BOTTOM) 6. THE SEAM IN THE REAR FOOTWELL BEHIND THE PRE-TENSIONER (NOT ENOUGH SEALER) and number 7. MODELS WITH AIR CON HAVE A LEAK OFF PIPE FROM THE UNIT GOING OUT THE FLOOR NEXT TO THE CLUTCH PEDAL LEAKS OUT THE TOP OF THE PIPE ON TO THE FLOOR (REQUIRES TAPE TO SEAL) this is the one it tends to be causing the problem. Hope this helps any one with the same problem and ford cant or wont fix it for you :)
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Ford Mechanic Glasgow :)