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  1. UPDATE- I removed the stock light and cut a whole just big enough for the camera I ordered, I then melted the plastic around it so it became one piece (also had to trim the camera) I believe that is the one I ordered. Anyway now my camera is all fitted :) for some reaso it wouldnt work on my head unit so i ordered a separate screen. I have since got replies from sellers and I have been told the nearest fit to my car is this camera- So for anyone with the same car as mine it might be easier to order this one and see how well it fits! Thanks guys
  2. Reversing Camera Issues

    The source is just AV in, on the rear it just has a single yellow video input, which after researching should come on when you switch it to AV- but no luck :(
  3. Reversing Camera Issues

    Not sure how I would do the first idea! And I don't have anything to plug it into to check, might try and find something- strange isn't it!
  4. Reversing Camera Issues

    Hello, I have a new stereo which has a screen on and reversing camera input (yellow wire). I have a camera, it is fairly straight forward- yellow video wire which goes to this video in and a power wire which goes to a red and black. I hooked it up to the reversing wires but it just said no signal or no input when I put the source on to AV, which is what it is meant to be I think. I also have another camera that I ordered but it was too big, I tried this one too thinking it could be a dud camera but this said the same. I then hooked it up to my LED wiring, so that I know the wiring is fine, again no signal or no input. Surely it has to be faulty video wire or something wrong on the head unit, but I cannot see it being these! What else could it be? Thanks!
  5. Camera To Record Driving

    Have you got a link to what you will be getting? Cheers
  6. Hello, a friend of mine has like a camera facing forward that records what happens in front of him, it's for peace of mind in the event of an accident. A few questions, what one is a good one? Where does the data get stored too? How does it know when the car is on? Thanks!
  7. After Market Stereo...helppp!

    The pads are just for cushioning, the screws go on the stereo like in the video. Fed up of it already, had it working in my hands, gone to put it in and now its not working- maybe a fuse! Its got loads of wires at the back and I can't fit it in properly.
  8. After Market Stereo...helppp!

    Hi Stuart, need your help! The cage has 2 foam pad things, some strange metal things and some more metal things with some screws! How do I set it up? Cheers, here's some pics:
  9. After Market Stereo...helppp!

    Sweet, right best get ordering it! Thanks mate
  10. After Market Stereo...helppp!

    Hi thanks, yeah if you look at the link to the ebay item it seems to have a wiring harness, cage and fascia- so with it I guess it would all fit?
  11. So I ordered an after market stereo, but I have two issues! 1- the connections dont fit the new one 2- the stereo is too small! I think a wiring loop is what I need and a cage.. I'm not sure though! Would this do the jobs I need? Here are some pictures!
  12. Whats This Called And Where Can I Get It?

    A bit off topic, but does anyone have a link to a reversing camera that will fit this size whole?
  13. Just pull it out. Best to do if you climb over back seats as the stock one does get very hot! Take your pick of colour!
  14. Cant find a camera that fits my car!