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  1. Mk2 Estate Interior

    Yeah, appreciate people helping, but i'm after a fairly certain answer before i lay out cash on a new set of seats.
  2. Mk2 Estate Interior

    Great thanks, that expands the options. btw, by mk2 I don't mean the mk1 facelift. My car is a 56 plate.
  3. Mk2 Estate Interior

    I recently picked up a mk2 estate, quite cheap, for a bit of a project car. It is a little scruffy on the inside and the driver's seat has half the upper bolster missing so will need replacing. Are there any other interiors that will fit the mk2 estate, other than a mk2 estate? Do mk2 hatch seats fit for example, or modeo interiors? Just looking as to what options I have. Cheers.
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums Danger_MouseUK :)