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  1. Kuga Central Locking Problems

    Hi, I'm new to FOC and I'm in need of some help with regards to my Kuga's central locking system. I've had a problem with the car not opening when the key fob button is pressed. I've tried both fobs and changed the battery in both fobs, still no joy! When I manually open the drivers door the alarm goes off! I put the key in the ignition and the car starts but the alarm continues to go off. If I keep trying the fob it eventually activates the central locking and the alarm stops, but the dash lights go crazy, temp gauge goes blank and engine management light comes on. Stop the car and restart and the lights go out and all is normal again! I'm wandering if any body else on the forum has had problems like this? I've taken the car to Ford but because its an intermittent problem they cant diagnose anything apart from one dealer saying I need a new battery even though the battery tests fine and the car starts ok??? Please help!!!!!!! Cheers
  2. Welcome to the Ford forums Chunkywils :)

    1. Chunkywils


      Cheers Steve, Hope I can pick some brains on here, I'm having a few problems with my Kuga, wish I hadn't sold the Focus ST!!