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  1. Can you tell me what bulbs to ask for cheers
  2. Just discovered my ambient light and they are white, and under my door handle they are amber however my hubby has a B-Max titanium and his ambient lights are amber can anyone tell me what colour they should be on my fiesta please Cheers shaz
  3. The sales guy is going to price up the front grille and fitting with his service dept, so ill see what he comes back with
  4. My hubby arranged handed in the bows and balloons to be put on, couldn't wait to finish work yesterday to pick it up and the bows were a lovely touch. I hadn't test drove the fiesta as I' only had a fully license 5 months so felt a bit awkward going out with the sales guy so yesterday was my first time and the power it has is vast compared to my wee KA totally made the right choice as swithered between the DS3 and the Clio and the Zetec , however did have a wee tear leaving my KA as I learned to drive in her.
  5. At long last I've moved up from my KA to a new Zetec totally loving it
  6. Tomorrow can't wait feels like christmas lol, then the fun begins
  7. Got a sneak peek of my new car that has eventually arrived at the garage today here are some pics it's a zetec with full dress up kit and upgraded alloys they are really nice and got ford sync for free as ordered in may so a real bonus
  8. Got a call from the garage car now arrived nipped up to have a look get it officially tomorrow here some pics got a few bits planned so stage 1
  9. I thought that myself but my mum always said " don't ask you don't get " haha there isn't anything I can do with the chrome grille ie make it black is there? New to all this you see
  10. I am looking to buy a cheap Zetec S grille for my 2013 zetec I have not got my new car due to pick up this week and it will have the Chrome grille, but would prefer the black S grille looked into new one looking at roughly £80 but hoping to get one cheaper than this being a stingy Scot ..haha Cheers shaz
  11. I'm a finance officer for public sector,, making sure your council tax money gets spent
  12. I know ...... It will be worth the wait :-)
  13. Hopefully if I ever receive it from the garage haha
  14. Don't want to name and shame the garage but this is my bad experience Totally let down by the garage, promised after a long wait that my new car would be getting collected from Aberdeen on Monday and would be ready to pick up on Friday, so took my KA so I thought for her last wash before trading her in, then it was lunch time and I thought I should have heard from the garage by now as still to swap my insurance over and email them my cover letter so I called them to be told car still not been dropped off will call transport dept and call you back .......... To be told that a transporter was sent up to Aberdeen, however my car was in a holding compound 3 miles away from the garage and they told the driver we don't have that car here never mentioned to the guy that it was in THERE holding compound total morons so know there making a big drama over the fact that its a holiday weekend and they are HAVING to pay for a private flatbed to go and pick it up for me for Tuesday as we told them if not in for Tuesday then the deals off, the thing is they have one one waiting to buy my KA as only done 2800 miles so I'm pushing for a full tank and discount on a zetec s grille so will keep yous updated ...............glad got that off
  15. Yes that is very nice but funds only stretched to red race lol so I could get the dress up kit and nicer alloys