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  1. Thanks for the help guys. Doing it myself will certainly save me money on what the dealer is offering!
  2. Hi guys, So my brand new zetec arrives next week. My first ever new car! Can't wait. After doing the research, I'll be declining the DiamondBrite treatment at £300. But I want to protect it as best I can. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this? Scotch guard for the interior? And what to do for the exterior, its Frozen white, so I really want to keep it looking amazing. Thanks all!
  3. So I've gone for frozen white with privacy glass. Picking up next week! Can't wait!
  4. I'm struggling to choose my colour at the moment. I'm leaning towards white or candy blue currently.
  5. Looks very nice! I'm a bit of a clean freak myself. So that wouldn't bother me too much. I guess it's just down to personal preference. This is my first new car, so I want to take the time to get the right colour for me. The black is nice, but its probably the most common colour I see. Not that that is too much a of bad thing.
  6. That was my intial thoughts that the white looked a bit "van" like but after having seen a few more the in flesh I actually really like the look of them. Especially with the privacy glass. But then the blue is different to all the black/white/silver ones you see!
  7. Hi guys, As you can see, I'm new. Soon to be a proud owner of a new 1.0 Ecoboost fiesta Zetec. I've got the 2 colour options that I'm struggling with! I love the candy blue and the frozen which one would you guys go for? I like both, but I'm struggling to decide between the 2! Cheers.
  8. Welcome to the Ford forums Fridge03 :)