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  1. Passenger Door Won't Unlock With Remote Fob

    I have had the car just over two years and I think that this was done before my purchase (car was 1 year registered when I bought it). Since I have had it, it has always been 1 click to open all doors and two clicks to lock all doors.
  2. Passenger Door Won't Unlock With Remote Fob

    Thanks for the advice lads. I will take a look at what you suggest this weekend and let you know what I find. Cheers.
  3. Hi FOC, First post on the forum with an issue that I hope someone may be able to help with: I am able to lock my S-Max with the remote fob by double clicking and all the central locking latches on all 4 doors move to the locked position. However, when I activate the fob to unlock (1 x click), the passenger door latch fails to unlock and I have to lean across from the drivers seat to unlock the door manually. I have taken the passenger door panel off and taken a look - the catenary wire running from the latch to the lock works ok when I operate the lock manually and I can see the white paddle at the lock operate. I thought at first that this may be sticking so I fired in some WD40 to see if that did the trick, but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas before I get to the point of stripping out the lock and taking a look at that? Regards Robbie
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums firebobby :)