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  1. Hi All, First post on here, so hoping I'll get some replies. My other half wants a Streetka and we've found quite a few which fir the bill - 04/54 plate Luxury editions in Black or Grey. Just wondering if there's anything in particular to look out for 0 unique to these models. I've got a few specific questions which I'm hoping can be answered: What are the service intervals - and when are the major services i.e. timing belt? What are the standard recommended brand of tyre? Are these run-flats? Do these suffer with things like lambda sensors & pre-cat's failing, dodgy MAF sensors, head gasket nightmares etc? Steering racks - are they generally ok or do they go? How much are the hard tops to buy? I'm guessing as they're Ford, parts are generally cheap as chips - is the Duratec engine just taken from a Focus? Finally, might be hard to resist a few minor mods such as some uprated springs and dampers, plus a stainless exhaust and filter - any recommendations? I've hunted for an exhaust online but can't seem to find anyone who does one for the StreetKa - is it the same as the normal Ka? I don't want to use crappy PowerFlow as they fall to bits. Thanks in advance! Olli