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  1. Hi again I managed to get the stereo out and it looks like the pictures below. Anyone know which color is the aux? It should be 3 wires I think. Or is there another way of connecting an aux input? Regards Thomas
  2. I have a C-Max from 2011 with the stereo as shown in the picture. When i push the AUX button the display shows "Line in" - so the stereo seems to have that option. But the car doesn't have an auxiliary input. I've looked in the glove compartment and under and in front of the armrest. So - what do I need buy to get an input? When I search ebay I find cables for the CD6000 but that is an older stereo I belive. And how can I remove the stereo without breaking some of the panels? I have fitted rear parking sensors and a 50w xenon kit for the High beam so now it's time to fix the aux imput. //TobbeSthlm
  3. Hi! I have a C-Max 2011 with the same engine. Do you think the guide works for that car too? Regards Thomas
  4. Welcome to the Ford forums TobbeSthlm :)