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  1. Thanks for the reply! I'm at work right now, but will have a gander when I get home. In the meantime it's worth noting that this only happens when the engine is cold. A warm engine will tick over beautifully without any suggestion of rattle. Cheers
  2. Hi! I'm prepared for bad news, so lay it on! :) Caris a Fiesta MK4 1998/1999 (S reg). Got 70,000 miles on the clock, previous owner was a mature female student. I am a 22 year old responsible driver, don't rag it around (except when dropping a gear to overtake), change gear at 2500rpm, never been over 60 except cruising at 70 on the motorway. There are no modifications other than tinted windows that I put on myself. So on my lunch break today driving to Sainsburys, moving from a 30 zone to a 20 I change down to second gear. Several seconds later when slowing down for a roundabout I begin to hear a rattle from the engine, it's loud enough for me to hear without having to turn the radio down. Pulling out of the roundabout I hear it again, then it settles, then it comes back when I'm slowing down again. Seems like it's happening just as I put my foot on the accelerator, and again as I take my foot off. Driving through town (30mph) and then cruising home from work (60mph) I couldn't hear a thing. Took these videos. The noise is coming from the cam belt side of the engine and doesn't sound particularly "deep" in - if you know what I mean. Video 1: Video 2: The car cost me less than a grand, I'm not suggesting I'll need to scrap it in but I'm also not going to spend hundreds when it'll fail the next MOT anyway (wheel arches are rusting good and proper). Doing my own reasearch I've discovered it could be something to do with the cam belt, or some kind of small/large piston bearings. Appreciate your time! :) Thanks. C
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Conky :)