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  1. MP3 CD

    As we all know, the new Fiesta's CD player is MP3 compatible. Has anyone noticed that if a disc is full (700mb) that the further out the laser goes from the centre of the disc, the more playback problems there are? I have used several types of discs, but have noticed that the first half seems to play fine, but the player starts to skip and stick as it plays files to the outside, i.e. further down the alphabet.
  2. USB

    Hi, Can anyone tell me if USB is an option once you have the car, or is it a case of "If you don't order it when you buy, you can't have it" :(
  3. Speakers

    Thanks, but the car was a pre registered delivery mileage model, and alas, has only 4 speakers, no USB and no bluetooth. As I say, I don't want to have to start pulling the thing apart to run cables.
  4. 12V Power Outlet Not Working

    For a car that's 6 months old, if that, I would be taking it back to the garage and having them check and repair it under warranty.
  5. Speakers

    Can anyone tell me if the new Fiesta is pre-wired for rear speakers. Only the Titanium model comes with 6 speakers as standard The other models, including our new Zetec, only have 4 front speakers. The 6 speaker set up is only available as a chargeable option. This wasn't explained at the time we bought, and to be honest, we weren't in the back seat during the test drive to hear them. It's only when I was messing about with the audio controls that I discovered the fader, and lack of sound in the back. There are grilles where the speakers should be, but does anyone know if there is cabling behind them? I really don't fancy having to rip the car apart to start running cables. Cheers