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  1. The projector headlamps have a horizontal cut-off line. When you lower the beam with the switch on your dashboard, it should be fine. At least, that's what I did when I visited the UK last month. No upcoming traffic flashed there high beam, so they were not dazzled by my headlamps. If you've got the reflector headlamps, you should buy the eurolite stickers. Because those headlamps do not have such a fine cut-off line and are more likely to dazzle upcoming traffic. No police officer (at least in the Netherlands) will stop UK cars if there are no stickers on there headlamps. As long as the aren't blinding any upcoming traffic. If you're still not sure, just buy the eurolites. They are not that expensive. (Off-topic: I spotted a few posts back that you've had bad DAB reception. Since you are visiting the Netherlands, use 11C and 12C for the nationwide public and commercial DAB+. Enjoy your time in Europe)
  2. You mean this one? FINIS: 1794581 This part fits both Fiesta MK7 and MK7,5 (2008-2015)
  3. There is no way you can just 'upload' the navigation on a non-navi radio. You need a different screen (one with a sd-card holder), different facia (with navi buttons), different dashboard trim on top of the screen, a GPS antenna (behind your rear view mirror) and additional cables. When all that is in place, you need to activate it with an IDS computer. Total cost, a lot...
  4. There is a guy on the Dutch Focus Forum that managed to get it working. He used an UCDS and IDS adapter. I'm still waiting on his reply how he actually did it, but it is possible to retrofit DAB after all. And the module I mean is the FCDIM (screen).
  5. Does this change of frequency means that England has DAB+ now? I'm asking because I visit England 4/5 times a year, and I've noticed a huge difference between the Dutch DAB+ network and the UK's DAB network. I would be great if the UK has the new DAB+ with better reception right now.
  6. - Sound quality is much better - Bluetooth compatible (if you install a separate Bluetooth module) - The latest Sony models support USB/AD2P (if you install a separate compatible Bluetooth/USB module) - Some models have a cd-changer - Some models support DAB (NOT DAB+, this won't be a problem for the UK) - MP3 disc support - different looks
  7. Strange thinking of Ford, because the UK has a colder climate than The Netherlands. Weird that we do get a standard PTC heater on all the Ecoboost models. Retrofitting should be possible, but it's a lot of work. You need to check if your heater box is compatible with a PTC heater. If it is, you need to remove you dashboard to place the heater element. After that you have to install the complete wiring loom and activate it with an IDS computer. A lot of work :)
  8. Later versions of the Titanium (X) are fitted with a PTC heater. Because the 1L ecoboost is an efficient motor, it produces less heat. When I hooked up an OBD cable with Forscan, there was a DTC fault that said there was a problem with the PTC heater. I turned out to be a faulty relay underneath the LHD headlight. When I replaced the relay the DTC was not there anymore and the interior heated up a lot faster. You could buy an OBD cable and download forscan, or ask you're dealer to check for DTC's.
  9. I'm planning to retrofit the rear view camera on my wife's MK7 (2008-2012). The screen of this camera is integrated in the rear view mirror. I'm hoping that someone could tell me if this mirror has also the auto-dimming function. Otherwise I have to choose between an auto-dimming mirror or the rear view camera.
  10. Google is sometimes your best friend:
  11. No, the Fiesta has another mounting system. The only 'oem'ish mounting is the overhead Mondeo one. But you need to cut out a peace of your headlining.
  12. Exactly. I retrofitted the Thatcam Cat1 alarm in my MK7,5. This was never an option on the MK7, but the perimeter was. This alarm only needs two parts, the horn in the boot and a bonnet-catch with sensor. The only tricky part is the replacement of the asbuild file. Some dealers will help you with this.
  13. It is very easy, only in the UK you get perimeter alarm standard with the Titanium trim level. Over here in the Netherlands the perimeter alarm option is not even listed as an option. The thatcham alarm, which is standard on the ST model in the UK, is also not listed over here. The TS mentioned his Fiesta isn't an UK spec Fiesta, so it makes perfectly sense. That cleared up, the most easy way is to retrofit the perimeter alarm. Install the horn in the boot and the bonnet-catch with sensor, install the wiring and activate it with an IDS computer. I can't help you with info about an after-market alarm.
  14. The tweeter in the rear is placed on top of the woofer. So you've got 2 speakers in 1 casing. here's a picture:$_35.JPG
  15. I retrofitted front parking sensors on my old MK7. In my topic you can find some more information. With Google translate you should be fine. There is one loom that ford doesn't make anymore, with a bit of luck you can find it on a scrapyard. If you need more info, just let me know.