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  1. Lowering Advice

    Well as it turns out I've got a mate who has lowering springs for his old fiesta (had springs and moved on to coilovers) so I'm going to get the springs from him just now, and when I save up more money, I'll later go on to the coil overs 👍
  2. Lowering Advice

    Lowering* springs
  3. Lowering Advice

    I have a fiesta Mk6 pre facelift. My car is really really high haha, the arch gap is a fist and one finger, (my measuring) and I want to lower it! I was wondering what would be better to do so, coilovers or lower springs? Any help would be really appreciated! Thanks
  4. New Member!

    Yeah, I'm sure I could get fairly close.. Well I hope :) That's my only problem though, I'll post pics when I've got it done
  5. New Member!

    It's in red :) the only thing about getting bumpers, or getting them sprayed to match. Is my car is 9 years old, is it difficult to get the colour to match? In cade the sun has faded the colour?
  6. New Member!

    Yeah I was aware of that , hopefully If I get one it will come with. If not, it won't be difficult to find online
  7. New Member!

    And how easy is it to change the head unit? I want to get an aftermarket stereo, so I can play my iPod through it.
  8. New Member!

    I think I will get new ones, might look around for maybe the facelift bumpers? Would probably look better. Cheers Mate
  9. New Member!

    New Member here! I turn 18 on Monday so still quite a young driver. I have a 2004 ford fiesta finesse. It came with alloys, tinted windows, and a spoiler. I've put colour coded ford badges, de badged the back and put in an induction kit. My next thing is to colour code the bumpers. Can I just spray them or would it turn out better if I bought proper bumpers? Cheers
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums GreigForsyth :)