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  1. Activity Kit

    Yes, I also posted the same question there, but alas , apart from yours, I've had no meaningful responses. I have, however, solved it myself. I merely eased the holes out, then used 'splined' nutserts (rivnuts) instead of the hexagonal ones. regards, Ken
  2. Activity Kit

    I have aquired the SMax Activity Kit. It is the '5 short bar type' for fitting to a 7 seater. As it was previously fitted to another vehicle, it didn't include the nutserts, and spring clips to fit the bars to the backs of the 2nd and 3rd row seats. I have managed to get the spring clips for the 3rd row fittings, but I am struggling to get the right size nutserts for the 2nd row seats.They are the hexsert type, and the one's I got off the 'web' won't fit the hexagonal hole. Can anyone advise me on where I can get themOur local Ford dealer, can't fit them, or supply the parts. Thanks
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums kenl8 :)