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  1. New Battery Help

    Hi I have decided to buy a new battery for my focus, i did the test on the dash of my focus and it wont charge above 11.6v when the car is not running. The car is 4 years old and its the original battery. My understanding is that it should be around 12.4v at rest Which type do i need as i have the 1.6 ecoboost petrol 180bhp with stop start and every website i check gives me a different size battery, very confusing. Anyone can help me
  2. Urgent Help Needed - Fault Codes

    its just the idle thats a bit wobbly, seems to struggle to tick over at times. the rev counter doesnt move much but the car judders sometimes at idle
  3. Urgent Help Needed - Fault Codes

    Thank you so much for finding this. seems to be the same codes as mine. Will disconnecting the battery wipe these codes of will it have to a trip to the main dealers and will leaving these codes as they are cause any issues
  4. Urgent Help Needed - Fault Codes

    Hi all I have just done the diagnostics check through the dashboard on my focus mk3 and the car has thrown up 6 fault codes. I need urgent help to understand what the codes are and what they mean. c140_00 - 1st dtc c121_00 - 2nd dtc 1607_82 - 3rd dtc (there was no letter on the dash) c151_00 - 4th dtc c214_00 - 5th dtc 1607_87 - 6th dtc (once again not letter) I am really concerned something is wrong with my car, my blufin reader finds no codes when i do a search but direct from the car all these show up. Does anyone know what each of these mean and what is the cause Thanks in advance
  5. Ecoboost Rough Idle. Where to start

    I've plugged in my blufin which can read codes and none were stored on the Ecu. From going with a rough idle, my initial thoughts could be spark plugs or battery anyone got any other ideas
  6. Ecoboost Rough Idle. Where to start

    Hi everyone. ive had this issue with the focus on idle since I've had the car. It seems to struggle to tick over on idle. From inside the car, you get this juddering feeling when the car idles, the Revometer doesn't move much but it's noticeable. the other week me and some mates did some maintainence to the car, clean maf sensor and intake. And before we carried it out, with the engine cover off the engine really struggled to tick over, you could see the engine about the stall then pick up again. In terms of maintainence, the car runs on shell v power, it's had some bg44k run through it to clean the fuel system, I had a terraclean done the other week. All of the above helped for a little bit then the rumble came back. The car has had a blufin remap which is amazing, but the car idled funny even before the remapping was done. the one thing I noticed yesterday was when I was at headingley for the test match and on the way home we sat in a lot of traffic and the car was happily using it auto stop start feature. I noticed after using the stop start for around 30 mins of constant on and off, the car felt a severe lack of power and the cars idle was worse than usual. Sorry for the long post but I would like to solve this little issue I'm having. the engine is a 1.6 Ecoboost 180bhp petrol. Around 40,000 on the clock, full service history with ford main dealers
  7. Mk3 Focus - Mudflaps

    i try not to, any driving in the rain, and the car is covered
  8. i am looking to do an diy induction service on my 1.6 ecoboost petrol. I had a terraclean done the other day with very good results but that still doesnt deal with the direct injection issue with carbon build up behind the valves. I have seen sprays that you can spray into the air intake that can tackle cleaning the turbo and egr valve. I just want to keep the car running great by using the preventative maintainence. i have seen wynns erg cleaner for petrol engines, just spray into the intake and it can clean up the system. Anyone got any advice on this
  9. Mk3 Focus - Mudflaps

    Hi everyone. i am looking to buy and fit some mud flaps on my white focus to try and prevent so much dirt getting sprayed up the car just after everytime i wash it. Anyone recommend any decent ones that fit the 5 door with the zetec s spec. Also is there a way of reducing the dirt build up on the door sills, mine always get filthy even though i was the car once a week. Is there a trick or something i can fit to reduce this.
  10. Ford Smell

    thanks ive ordered one.
  11. Ford Smell

    Hi guys Is there a way of getting the new ford smell back in my car. is there a spray that exists or anything else. You cant beat a new ford smell
  12. Sky Q TV

    Whats everyone opinion on the new sky experience has been released in the uk. I currently have sky + hd with all the channels with fibre broadband and ive seen the new options available and im tempted. Anyone else upgraded to sky q and what does everyone think
  13. Finally Ordered Bluefin For 180bhp Ecoboost

    So ive had the bluefin installed for over a week now along with the new k@n filter fittedand the difference is quite substantial to say the least. Main Changes ive noticed 1st gear is alot better at pulling away strongly, before always felt sluggish and lacked any pull. Strange one prior to bluefin. Mid range is so much better, the torque and instant power pick up now feels to me like a new car. Low down revs pull more smoothly and is more eager. MPG has also improved if driven sensibly, long journeys i am pushing mid 40's on my average trip and before struggled to make 40. Basically it feels like having a new car, yes its only 20bhp claimed on the bluefin but its what it does with that 20bhp and extra torque which makes it a much better drive. I would recommend this bluefin remap to anyone with these ecoboost engines as im loving the upgrade to my 1.6 and its probably the best upgrade ive done and it took 20 mins to do.
  14. Ive today finally cracked and brought the superchips bluefin ecu remap. Cost £330 and also came with a free k&n filter too, which i thought was a good deal as i wanted up upgrade the filter. it states around 20 extra horses and extra torque too. has anyone else bluefin'ed and with what results. Brought the item from demon tweeks Should arrive on thursday
  15. Spark Plugs....

    Does anyone know what the standard plugs the 1.6 ecoboost petrol model uses. I was wondering if they come stock with the normal ford copper plugs or came with uprated iridium plugs Cheers