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  1. Tips to clean weather strips on roof

    Thanks for the responses, managed to wash the car today, think im gonna tackle the tough grime on the next wash.   I need to clay the car asap too as white is a lovely colour but it shows up every blemish and mark known to man.    
  2. Tips to clean weather strips on roof

    Hi all   I'm looking to do a full clean on my car today with a clay polish and wax, if the weather holds up.   My question is that on the roof of my focus where the plastic trims run from the back to the front where the water drains, there is moss and green crap caught under the strips that i want to shift off the paintwork.   Whats the best way to tackle this.    Will using a brush scratch the paintwork, or is there a better tip to do this
  3. Guide to do Snorkel Delete

    What's the easiest way of doing this and is it actually worth doing 
  4. Guide to do Snorkel Delete

    Hi all   Ive been reading on here about doing a snorkel delete on my focus and im very tempted to do it and also fit a k&n filter.   Is there a proper guide on here or can someone talk me through it.   Thanks
  5. Finally Upgraded Head Unit to Sony

    yes it remembered my iphone 6 too.   voice control and bluetooth 100% worked for me, i lost no features i had before
  6. Finally Upgraded Head Unit to Sony

    Yes exactly, screen and main unit i matched, the sony fascia itself i think was different but was told it didnt matter with that, all central locking and hazard lights work still.   Defo worth the effort to upgrade
  7. Finally Upgraded Head Unit to Sony

    Got it from a breakers off ebay, the fascia is immaculate, no scratches or scuffs.   My next job is to swap the instrument cluster, but im concerned about getting mileage corrected for the new cluster.    
  8. Finally Upgraded Head Unit to Sony

    One more thing. When i press display on the unit it shows this screen which is attached.   Is this ok or should something be displayed on here?
  9. Finally Upgraded Head Unit to Sony

    Well today ive finally upgraded my old ford head unit to the better sony unit on my mk3 focus   Its took a while to suss out the correct models to use and today ive finally swapped it over.   Nice easy job to do took around 20 mins to do and im really impressed by the sony unit, which has a snappier interface and colour screen and also better sound.   my advice to anyone looking to swap theirs over is to check the serials and match what your swapping over.   I cant thank people enough on this owners club who have advised me on which unit to get.   Thanks everyone
  10. Focus Mk3 Sony DAB Radio Dash Surround

    I have seen this one, my issue is that its a cm5t and a newer model, and ive been advised on these forums that if i swap to a to newer unit that has ford sync i will lose functionality, i seen to have the older system without the ford sync, i do get bluetooth and the voice module which is located on a flappy paddle below the botton right of the steering wheel. I have been told that if i dont swap over to match serials i will run into problems.   So currently i have installed in my car an bm5t main unit and an am5t monochrome screen, i have seen 1 sony version with a bm5t unit and am5t screen, but thats it. I am only hunting for these as i have been recomended to do so.   Hence my confusion now saying i dont have too.      
  11. Focus Mk3 Sony DAB Radio Dash Surround

    Hi again, the main reason for trying to source the surround fascia is that I have only found 1 Sony dab head unit with colour screen that will swap with my current unit. I have been told to match the serial numbers of all the bits I am swapping. And my main issue is that I need a Sony unit with the main bit a bm5t and the screen an am5t, I have only seen one on eBay but it came with no surround.    The seller wanted 150 quid for the radio but if I'm gonna buy the unit I need the fascia from elsewhere.    Its a right faff 
  12. Focus Mk3 Sony DAB Radio Dash Surround

    I've had no luck sourcing the plastic fascia to hold the unit in place. Anyone else got any ideas
  13. Focus Mk3 Sony DAB Radio Dash Surround

    thanks ive sent them a request to see if they can source one
  14. Focus Mk3 Sony DAB Radio Dash Surround

    Hi all   I have finally found a sony radio that is compatible with my set up.   Only issue now is that it doesnt come with the plastic fascia surround, so i couldnt install the radio until i get one. The unit is from a scrapyard and is listed on ebay, theyve told me the fascia broke and they are only selling the screen and the unit and the sony dab fascia, but no fascia surround.   So my question is, where can i get one from, are they easily available and at what price as im expecting it to cost me quite a bit.   Cheers in advance
  15. 2014 Focus Zetec S Stereo/display Upgrade

    I've looked all over eBay and I can't find any colour screens with the serial am5t. Searched for everything. I can find bm5t head units with the bm5t colour screen. That's all there is