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  1. Hello,

    My name is Justina,i saw your profile today at this site (www.fordownersclub.com) and i love it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my email address so that i can reply your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(justinadavids23@yahoo.com) i believe we can move fro...

  2. Is This The Egr Valve Link?

    No this isn't a picture of my inlet manifold. The problem I have is that the ball and socket connection on the swirl plate actuator as you call it is loose and it keeps coming off. The AA man said this could be causing my "jerkyness" when under load. I changed the spark plugs as he suggested but it hasn't made any difference. He tested the HT leads and said they were in an acceptable range of ohms. The next thing to get fixed is this swirl plate connection as the AA man said that the coil looked like it had been changed recently.
  3. This image shows a "ball & socket" link circled in red on the left hand side, is this the EGR valve link? An AA man that looked at my car said it was, but I'm not sure I believe him!!
  4. This image shows a "ball & socket" link circled in red on the left hand side, is this the EGR valve link? An AA man that looked at my car said it was, but I'm not sure I beleive him!!
  5. key fob pats prgramming problem

    Hi Guys, Just to update you - I changed the key fob for one with the exact same part code as I one I already had and working. This time the PATS programming stuck! I programmed it using the normal instructions and its starting the car all the time now. My problem must have been because the fob I tried first with a different part code was not compatible. Thanks for all your advice has saved me a trip to the dealer which is always good!! :-)
  6. key fob pats prgramming problem

    I think I am right in thinking that you are allowed to program a maximum of 4 remote key fobs to the car. I have just had a thought, all the fob part numbers I have seen for my car either end in A, B, C or D. So essentially 4 different part codes as shown below: 98AG15K601AA 98AG15K601AB 98AG15K601AC 98AG15K601AD Am wondering now whether you are suppose to have a keys with a different part numbers. I tried to program two duplicate part numbered keys and wondering if thats why the second one failed to work. Is this a stupid theory?
  7. key fob pats prgramming problem

    I have done the above before and it works. The problem I am having is getting the key programmed correctly for the immobiliser. I have run the procedure for the pats immobiliser several times, the key gets codes and will start the engine but only once to get it to start the engine again it has to be recoded. Perhaps you could give me the procedure for the immobiliser programming so I can double check I am doing it right. Have also tried erasing the keys too incase the memory was full but still no luck.
  8. key fob pats prgramming problem

    I have just doubled check the part numbers on both fobs and have found that they are exactly same and not different as I first thought. Its a 1998 MK1 Focus S Reg. With the 3 button remote fob (lock, unlock and tailgate buttons) Is the immobiliser light the one near the clock? If so I can't say I have noticed much difference although not sure what I should be seeing from it. I have heard audible beeps when programming the fob for remote locking/unlocking which works fine. I hope you guys can shed some light on a possible problem. Many Thanks.
  9. key fob pats prgramming problem

    If it was the wrong chip inside surely it wouldn't start the car full stop? Don't understand why it can start it once and never again until it is re-programmed.
  10. key fob pats prgramming problem

    I need both fobs to work so that is not an option for me.
  11. key fob pats prgramming problem

    I think you maybe right! I thought I had bought the fob off ebay with the excat same part number but it appears now that they are slightly different: Original fob: 98BG15K601AA ebay fob: 98AG15K601AA I know that my original fob had another shorter number underneath the long part number which was 725. If I look for another fob on ebay with the correct part number this time do I also have to match the shorter number too (i.e. will a non matching shorter number effect how it communicates with the car?)
  12. I have just bought a second hand fob from ebay it doesn't have a new key blank as yet, its just the remote fob. I have sucessfully programmed the fob so that it can open and lock the doors remotely from the fob. The problem I am having is I can't get the fob to start the engine with the existing key shaft from another key that is already paired. I have followed the instructions of using two existing paired keys and putting them in one by one switching from 0 to II on the ignition to get me into the pats programming mode. As I am only holding the remote key fobs onto the key shaft it allows me to quickly swap the paired key fob over with the one I bought off ebay. I turn this from position 0 to II and remove the key. Then I wait a while and try the new fob, it starts the engine, but it takes a few seconds longer than the working key would normally take to start the engine, but it does start the engine eventually. The problem I am facing is that the key from eBay will only start the engine ONCE after I have run the pats programming procedure. After that it fails to start the engine anymore. I then read about erasing all other keys apart from the original paired two, so I tried that hoping that the car already had known keys to it and it wasn't allowing the new key to be paired. I ran the procedure in the book for erasing the other keys, then I re-ran the pats programming to pair the ebay key but I'm still having the same issue, the key will only ever start the car ONCE! Any idea what I might be doing wrong or what could be the problem? Your help would be very welcomed. Thanks. (sorry for the long post!
  13. Central Locking problem?

    So you had the same problem - but you found it to be a mechanical problem (i.e. lock stuck) rather than an electrical problem? I would have thought this particular problem would be more electrical rather than mechanical as the door does open once it has been open from the inside and is only put into the dis-functional state after the car is locked.
  14. Central Locking problem?

    Hi, I have just bought an 1998 S Reg Focus 1.6 Zetec SE, 5 door hatchback and I am having trouble with opening the rear door (the one behind the passenger seat). When the car is first unlocked the door will not open from the outside, to open the door I have to open it from the inside. Once it has been opened from the inside it can then be opened quite happily from the outside until the car is locked again and then its back to opening it from the inside again. Has anyone had the same problem? And if so, how did you fix it? What did you have to replace? I hope someone here can help me. Thanks.