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  1. Do I Have A Problem Or Not?

    I own a 1.4 TDCI 2003 plate 147,000 mile Fusion until recently (like 6 months ago) it has been running fine running up and down from Cornwall to Somerset every weekend and local miles at the weekend It regularly returns around about 50 mpg, I have done 2 oil changes one with Semi Synthetic Ford oil and recently ( about a month ago put in fully Synthetic) it has remained very efficient 50 mpg no oil usage and no funny noises. Now here comes my problems about 2 months ago it developed a Fuel leak that was diagnosed as the Dreaded Injector seal worn on one injector Having Consulted my local Ford dealer they wanted £150 to change the seals, considering that a bit steep I visited my local Citroen, Peugeot Specialist who quoted me £80, unless an injector needed changing then of course it would be more. No brainer in you go son! Injector seal replaced hey whoopee but it then developed a fuel leak, back to the garage to fix which they duly did, noticing that that they had left the inlet pipe loose I then sorted it myself as garage is 12 miles away. Well things ran fine until 2 weeks ago and It developed a fuel leak that sprayed up over the priming bulb area including the brake master cylinder, I thought ah well bite the bullet and buy new ones and ask local ford dealer to fit which they did and guess what it didn't cure the leak ooeer. So I thought right return to Citroen specialist (in case its the injector seal again) Now here comes my Main problem sorry for taking so long to get here I thought people needed to know the build up lol On picking up the vehicle they told me they replaced the inlet Seal a leak off pipe and Auxillary belt, I am now left with a rather noisy (rumbling sound), feels like there is a self adjusting tappet is playing up and very, very Black smoke diesel which it kicks out all the time even under gentle acceleration. My questions are 1) Is this normal after replacing Inlet Seal ?? i.e is the engine just settling down?? or 2) Have they ruined what was originally a decent running vehicle ?? and should I be thinking of small claims court if they have buggered it up?? Sorry for this being a long story any ideas appreciated Ta
  2. Changing My Steel Wheels For Ford Alloys

    Hoorah sorted found some alloy wheel nuts on Amazon of all places! word of advice watch out on Ebay as most state their wheel nuts are for "aftermarket wheels" not original ford alloys always ask first!
  3. Changing My Steel Wheels For Ford Alloys

    Well a new problem has arisen (wheel nuts) of all things can you believe Ford want £11.50 per wheel nut for the "capped" version of the nut or £4 for "non capped " and most on Ebay are for non standard ford alloy wheels?? so my hunt is on i will let you know how i get on! p.s. the focus and fusion nuts are the same ford part number for future reference.....
  4. Changing My Steel Wheels For Ford Alloys

    I believe they are 15" as they are fitted with 195/60/15 tyres same as mine so we shall see Cheers Mikey923
  5. Can i get away with changing my steel wheels 4 stud for a Ford Focus alloy wheels im sorry if this has been asked before but im getting conflicting information and hey as alloys are rare for these machines the info might help others. ive got this spreadsheet that says yes! Model Year PCD Offset Bore Cougar 98 – 02 4×108 35 to 45 63.4 Escort 81 – 90 4×108 35 to 45 63.4 Fiesta 83 to 01 4×108 35 to 45 63.4 Fiesta 02 on 4×108 35 to 45 63.4 Focus 98 on 4×108 35 to 45 63.4 Fusion 02 – on 4×108 35 to 45 63.4 But so far as i can see on Ebay it comes up with No with things like offset? am i right in thinking this could bugger up my wheel bearings? as I am doing 500 miles a week i dont fancy changing bearings that quick The wheels I am considering getting are this type any help much appreciated
  6. Ford Fusion Owners?

    Im here! 1.4TDCI way down in cornwall looking for Alloy wheels to fit maybe focus alloys 4 X 108 or Fiesta alloys fit ? as Fusion alloys are very rare lol
  7. 1.4Tdci Air Cleaner Cover

    Gombal So far as I have found the spec of the oil is 5W-30 WSS M2C913-B and is exactly the same as Ford oil recommended for longlife servicing (which is re-badged Castrol oil so you are right on that count but ASDA oil and Halfords state they both meet the specification WSS M2C913-B
  8. 1.4Tdci Air Cleaner Cover

    In my honest opinion its not worth going down the route of fully synthetic oil as the ford 5w-30 WSS M2c913-B Semi synthetic oil is sold by Asda for £8 for 2 litres and as its only about 4 litres absolutely max for these engines £16 isn't bad (just missed a special offer in Halfrauds 16 litres for £20 bummer) lol good luck on leaking injectors apparently they only cost £30 but cleaning and fitment operation can cost up to £240 bummer
  9. Fusion Turbo Oil Feed Maintenance

    I too have heard of this problem and mine has done 127,000 miles so would guess they would warrant changing at say 60,000 mile intervals? just to be on the safe side, this is one of the weirdest car forums I have known as so far as I can tell its defunct of any answers to questions!
  10. Welcome to the Ford forums bombheads12 :)

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      Cheers Steve thank you