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  1. Alright, the belt actually makes sense, dont know why i didnt think of it. Fluid is fine. Where abouts is the belt located? how can I adjust it, and any ideas on the tools? - At uni so dont have a lot of tools and no manual for the car as its my girlfriends
  2. Over the last few weeks, the steering has been quite noisey, even the slightest turn of the steering wheel in a parked position will make a squeel noise. It seems to go away/be quieter when driving above 20mph, but you can hear it around corners at low speed. Coupled with the noise is the sometimes jerky feeling of steering you will turn a bit it and it sometimes bites a little, not enough to pull you out of position but enough that you notice. Anyone have any ideas? Ford KA is P Reg, around 65k miles. Cheers.
  3. Mirror Assembly

    Hi all, I have a ford KA, 1997 aqua marine, 1.3. Anyway recently something/one has knocked the mirror and it seems something inside has snapped. The mirror just dangles now at a flop and waves about a lot. Anyone has instructions how to dis-assemble, so i can take a look inside and see whats broken? Thanks a lot for the help. PS, these are not electic mirrors.