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  1. Diesel Fuel In Engine Oil

    If for any reason you want to see ALL the warning lights together and to stay on and have the gauges check themselves. In the instrument cluster there is a stalk sticking out , if you press this in and keep pressed in, turn on the Ignition, after about 15 seconds the LED light shows TEST, release the stalk. If you then press and release this it moves the programme on to the next menu , repeat until you reach GAUGES being displayed at this point ALL the lights will come on and stay on. To get out of this mode , just switch the Ignition off.
  2. Diesel Fuel In Engine Oil

    Diesel Fuel In Engine Oil- Warning Light. (Picture of Oil can with a zig zag line underneath). [ This happened to me a week after the oil was changed ]. First check th oil level, if it is over full, this is usually means Diesel in the Engine Oil, it may smell strongly of Diesel; the Oil needs changing. For information on why this can occur Google Diesel Particulate Filter. ( In normal running Engine Oil has some odours like a Barbeque ). If everything seems O.K. follow the list below, to Re-Set the sensor. To reset the oil service light, use the following procedure: 1. With the ignition in the off position, press the brake and accelerator pedals. 2. For keyed vehicles, turn the key to the accessory position; for pushbutton start vehicles, press the Start/Stop button once quickly. Do not start the engine. 3. Press the accelerator and brake pedals fully for 20 seconds. 4. “Engine Oil Change Due Next Service” and the oil service light will display. 5. Turn the vehicle off. The message and lights will be cleared. Happy Motoring. :D
  3. Welcome to the Ford forums Epycyclic :)